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PMP FAQs - Printing/References
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1. How can I print the form, the table or the chart?

In version 7.0, to print the chart (graph), place your mouse over the graph, right-click, and select “Print”.  To print the table, place you mouse over the table, right-click, select “Select All”, then right-click again and select “Print Selected”. To print only specific portions of the table, highlight the cells that you want to print, then right-click and select “Print Selected”.

To print the entire PMP form, in the Menubar select “File” then “Print” then “Form”.  NOTE - this will not print portions of the table or source/publication windows that are not visible.  To print all of the table or publication information, highlight the numbers/text with your mouse, then hold the CTRL key and press the C key. You can then paste this text into any other document which accepts pasted text, such as Microsoft Word®, NotePad, Correl WordPerfect®, etc.  Print the pasted text from the other program you are using.

2. Where can I find references for the PMP models?

The reference(s) or source for each model, is shown in the “Source and/or Relevant Publications” box. For references in which the senior author(s) is a USDA-ARS employee, we provide the PDF file. For articles with other types of authorship, the reference is not provided as a PDF file, due to journal copyright restrictions. NOTE - There may be multiple references for a model. Typically this is because different environmental parameters were modeled at different periods of time.

Last Modified: 12/8/2005
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