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The Carl Hayden Bee Research Center is the USDA-ARS laboratory for the identification of African honey bee samples.  Identifications are made using morphometrics - a system of measuring morphological characteristics to determine honey bee type.  The CHBRC laboratory analyzes samples nationwide in an effort to provide vital information on the migration of Africanized honey bees.

Sending honey bee samples for Morphometric analysis:

1.  Samples will first be analyzed using FABIS (Fast Africanized Bee Identification System).  This is a preliminary procedure to determine honey bee type.  If the sample has been identified as African using the FABIS method, a full morphometrics analysis may be performed.

2.  Please send a sample of 30 to 50 bees in a tightly sealed jar or vial with enough alcohol (ethanol) to cover all of the bees.

3.  If you have questions, please contact Mona Chambers by phone at the number given below or from our email contact page.  Otherwise, send your samples to:

Mona Chambers
Carl Hayden Bee Research Center
2000 E. Allen Rd.
Tucson, AZ  85719
Phone: (520) 647-9293

Last Modified: 11/10/2011