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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service

Publications 1971-72
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Nielsen, F.H. and D.J. Higgs. Further studies involving a nickel deficiency in chicks. In Trace Substances in Environmental Health-IV, Edited by D.D. Hemphill, University of Missouri Press, Columbia, pp. 241-246, 1971.

Nielsen, F.H. Studies on the essentiality of nickel. In Newer Trace Elements in Nutrition, Edited by W. Mertz and W.E. Cornatzer, Marcel Dekker, Inc., New York, pp. 215-253, 1971.

Sandstead, H.H., D.D. Gillespie, and R.N. Brady. Zinc deficiency: Effect on brain of the suckling rat. Pediatr. Res. 6: 119-125, 1972.

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