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HRSL activities and personnel

The research activities of the Hydrology and Remote Sensing Laboratory are focused on the major Research Areas listed below.  Click on the Research Area title for more information.

Relevance of Pesticide Volatilization
The impact of transport pathways on the fate of pesticides in the environment.

Watershed Modeling
Application and modification of water quality models at field, watershed, and regional scales.

Relevance of Soil Moisture Estimation
Soil moisture is the key state variable in hydrology: it is the switch that controls the proportion of rainfall that percolates, runs off, or evaporates from the land.

Drought and Evapotranspiration Monitoring
Use of satellite-derived maps of evapotranspiration for identifying and monitoring drought impacts.

Mitigation of Climatic Change
Research on carbon sequestration, crop residue assessment, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Research Sites
OPE3 and Choptank.

Last Modified: 3/21/2013
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