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Alternative Cropping Systems - Irrigated and Dryland


Alternative Cropping Systems on Dry and Irrigated Land


Integrating Malting Barley Into Irrigated Crop Rotations


Interactive Effects of Tillage and Rotational Cropping Systems on Nitrate Leaching

Soil Quality & Properties


Cover Crops: Improving Soil Quality and Productivity


Effects of Soil Aggregation and Tillage Practices on Soil Quality, Structure and Nutrient Cycling


Effects of Tillage Systems, Irrigation Management and Crop Rotations on Soil Physical and Hydraulic Properties


Impact of Soil Compaction on Soil Physical, Hydraulic Properties and Yields


Soil Carbon Sequestration, Nitrogen Cycling and Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Spatial and Temporal Variability of Soil Physical and Hydraulic Properties


Spatial and Temporal Variations of Soil Electrical Conductivity and Penetration Resistance

Irrigation Technologies


Managing Nitrogen to Protect Water Resources


Site-specific Irrigation Through the Use of Innovative Technologies

Weeds & Diseases


Herbicides, Dryland Farming Practices and Research on Seedbanks for Weed Management


Reintroducing Old Concepts for General Disease and Pest Management While Researching Ways to Biologically Control Cercospora Leaf Spot



General Research Overviews

Poster titled Water Quality and Management Projects (NP 201) at USDA-ARS, Sidney, MT.National Program 201: Water Quality and Management Projects at USDA-ARS, Sidney, MT

By: Robert Evans, TheCan Caesar-TonThat, Bill Iversen, Jay Jabro, James Kim, Robert T. Lartey, Andrew Lenssen, Upendra Sainju, and Bart Stevens

Download this Poster (PDF: 216 KB)

This is a five-year project begun in 2003. Under the project, ARS researchers will be evaluating modified tillage interactions (conventional and strip till) under two irrigation methods (MESA - mid-elevation sprinkler, above canopy, and LEPA - low energy precision application, below canopy) on an 8-acre plot area with four sugar beet/barley rotations common to the region. ARS scientists are developing the precision irrigation hardware and software needed for the study. The research focus is on assessing the environmental impacts of cultural practices and improved management of water, nutrient and chemical applications under precision irrigated cropping systems. Elements being looked at include yields, crop quality, infiltration, diseases, soil quality and management guidelines.


Poster titled Soil Resources Management Projects (NP 202) at USDA-ARS, Sidney, MT.National Program 202: Soil Resources Management Projects at USDA-ARS, Sidney, MT

By: Upendra Sainju & TheCan Caesar-TonThat

Download this Poster (PDF: 515 KB)

This research focuses on the comparison of wet and dry sieving methods on soil aggregates and associated carbon and nitrogen pools, while also determining the soil and solution extraction ratio for inorganic nitrogen in soils amended with crop residue.


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