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Caird Rexroad Ph.D.

NCCCWA 1RT Phase I blastx  data (Tab-Delimited File)
NCCCWA 1RT Phase I blastn data  (Tab-Delimited File)
Rainbow Trout Genetic Map    (PDF File)
2010 Rainbow Trout Genetic Map   (PDF File)
Generation of a reference transcriptome for evaluating rainbow trout responses to various stressors
Newbler Contigs
Newbler Isotigs (Zip File)
Newbler Link Isogroups Isotigs Contigs Reads (Zip File)
MIRA3 Contigs (Zip File)
MIRA3 Link Contigs and Reads (Zip File)

Yniv Palti Ph.D.

BAC Contigs (Appendix 1_V4) (Tab-Delimited File)
ABCB2_region_GenBank flat file  (PDF File)



Greg Wiens Ph.D.

Wiens and Owen_Supplementary Data (Link)
 Scott Gahr Ph.D.
 Table S1 - Annontation of the genes selected for Tissue distribution following GH administration (Tab-Delimited File)
 Table S2 - All Real time Data frome Multi-Tissue comparaison following GH Treatment (Tab-Delimited File)
Table S3. Factorial study design using two-channel arrays (Tab-Delimited File)

 Roger Vallejo Ph.D.

 R Script for Linear Mixed-Effects Models (Txt File)

Last Modified: 12/12/2011