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Germplasm Evaluation and Enhancement
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1 - Current Personnel
2 - Germplasm Regeneration and Evaluation
3 - Genetic Characterization of Global Rice Germplasm
4 - Genetic Improvement of Grain Yield and Hybrid Rice
5 - Straighthead Disease - Germplasm and DNA Markers for Breeding
6 - Limited Arsenic Content in Rice Grain
7 - Disease Resistance and Crop Protection
8 - Rice Breeding and Nutritional Improvement
Genetic Characterization of Global Rice Germplasm

1.  Genetic characterization of global rice germplasm for sustainable agriculture.  2012.  Book Chapter in Book

2.  Using minimum DNA marker loci for accurate population classification in rice.  2012.  Mol Breed  29:413-425

3.  Analysis of genetic structure in the USDA rice mini-core collection using the SQUAMOSA promoter-binding-like gene family.  2012. Rice Genom Genet  3(1):1-7

4.  Analysis on genetic diversity of phenotypic traits in rice (Oryza sativa) core collection and its comprehensive assessment.  2012.  Acta Agro Sin 38(5):829-839 (goes to a Chinese web site).

5.  Genetic variation and association mapping of silica concentration in rice hulls using a germplasm collection.  2011.  Genetica 139:1383-1398

6.  Genetic structure associated with diversity and geographic distribution in the USDA rice world collection.  2010.  Natural Sci 2:247-291

7.  Geographic description of genetic diversity and relationships in the USDA rice world collection.  2010.  Crop Sci 50:2406-2417

8.  Genotypic and phenotypic characterization of genetic differentiation and diversity in the USDA rice mini-core collection.  2010. Genetica 138:1221-1230

9.  Genetic diversity associated with conservation of endangered Dongxiang wild rice (Oryza rufipogon).  2010.  Genet Reso Crop Evol 57:597-609

10.  Genetic assessment of a mini-core developed from the USDA rice genebank.  2009.  Crop Sci 49:1336-1346

11.  Development and evaluation of a core subset of the USDA rice germplasm collection.  2007. Crop Sci 47:869-878

Click here to see additional information on genetic diversity.  Note:  Adobe Acrobat is required for pdf file.

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