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FRRL Working Groups


Vision: To maximize forage productivity and biofuel potential of rangelands receiving 12 to 18 inches of annual precipitation by using improved plant materials.

Group Members: Drs. Kevin Jensen (chair), Steve Larson, Ivan Mott, Mike Peel, Blair Waldron, and Richard Wang

Irrigated and Non-Irrigated Pastures

Vision: To develop improved plant materials that enhance productivity of irrigated pastures in semi-arid growing regions.

Group Members: Drs. Blair Waldron (chair), Shaun Bushman, Kevin Jensen, Steve Larson, Ivan Mott, Mike Peel, Joseph Robins, and Jack Staub

Rangeland Ecology and Plant Improvement

Vision: To develop plant materials and ecological applications to improve weed- and fire-resistance on rangelands.

Group Members: Drs. Tom Jones (chair), Shaun Bushman, Kevin Jensen, Doug Johnson, Steve Larson, Tom Monaco, Ivan Mott, Joseph Robins, Jack Staub, and Richard Wang


Vision: Develop an internationally recognized turfgrass improvement program that specializes in abiotic stress and resource-use efficiency for semi-arid environments.

Group Members: Drs. Joseph Robins (chair), Shaun Bushman, Doug Johnson, Jack Staub, Blair Waldron, and Richard Wang

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Last Modified: 1/14/2014