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Completed Studies
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1 - Sterol
2 - Blackberry
3 - Cranberry
4 - Anthocyanin
5 - Garlic 2010
6 - Almond
7 - Pistachio
8 - Lipid
9 - Whey Protein and Blood Pressure



Main Study Questions


The objective of this study is to measure the energy value of almonds in the human diet and study molecular mechanisms that may help explain the beneficial health effects of almonds.


Motivation for Research


The aim of this study is to determine the energy value of almonds in the human diet and to probe mechanisms by which almonds impart health benefits. The metabolizable energy value of the almonds will be calculated based on the chemical composition and energy content of the consumed diet and excreta. In addition to determining the energy value of almonds, we will evaluate the effects of almond-rich diets on plasma phytonutrient levels and on gene expression changes to determine what protective mechanisms are activated by almond consumption.



The study ran from mid-March 2010 till the end of May 2010. 

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