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Irrigator Pro

Irrigator Pro is an expert system designed to provide irrigation scheduling recommendations based on scientific data resulting in conservation minded irrigation management.  Irrigator Pro for Peanuts was the original model developed.  This computerized expert system is designed to manage peanut irrigation and pest management decisions. 

Peanut irrigation

The program has been validated in all major U.S. peanut producing regions and recommendations are specific to growing regions.  Irrigation recommendations are based upon over 25 years of scientific research data and information.  Generally, irrigation recommendations are made to maintain soil temperatures and water in the optimum ranges.  Graphs can be viewed to show the maximum and minimum soil temperatures in relation to the optimum zones, and the cumulative water use in a field.  Both graphs are useful in determining how Irrigator Pro is performing in a particular situation and can help in diagnosing any problems that may be occurring.  Yield increases of over 300 pounds per acre and 2 percentage point increases in Sound Mature Kernels and Sound Splits have been demonstrated.

Requirements to run Irrigator Pro for Peanuts:

  • A computer with 12 MB of free disk space running Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Vista
  • 1 or 2 maximum-minimum weatherproof 4” stem thermometers
  • 2 rain gauges, one under the pivot, and one outside the pivot
  • Soil penetrometer rod
  • Flags to mark location in the field

Irrigator Pro for Cotton and Corn have also been developed and validated and have recently gained significant adoption. The requirements vary from the peanut model with installation of three soil moisture sensors at depths of 8”, 16”, and 24”.  Readings are taken during the season to collect the data to be input into the model to generate recommendations.

Corn irrigation

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WHOLEFARM is a computer aided whole farm planning system designed to optimize farm and financial planning decisions by developing formal farm plans specific to each farm operation.  Basically WHOLEFARM allows producers to "build" a farm plan into the program on a farm and field by field basis and generate a variety of reports including:

  • Acreage, rotation, and production histories
  • Comprehensive cost analysis for all crops
    • variable cost per acre based on budgets
    • itemized and fixed cost per acre per crop
  • Total farm income and expense report with:
    • total projected acreage
    • expected total production of all crops
    • expected selling price of all crops
    • expected gross revenue of all crops
    • expected total production costs
    • expected net return 
  • 12 month itemized cash flow statement
  • Cross Commodity Break-Even Price Matrix

Total Farm Income Statement screenshot

Once the farm plan is "built" into WHOLEFARM, many situations can be addressed to analyze the direct impacts on your farm such as:

  • Evaluating which crop enterprises to plant for profit maximization,
  • Analyzing the impacts of changes in crop prices on farm income, cash flow, break-even yields, optimal crop acreage, etc.,
  • Analyzing rents (either adding a potential rented farm or dropping an already rented farm or negotiating rents with landlords – same analogy with purchasing),
  • Analyzing equipment purchase decisions (fixed cost can be estimated for an individual tractor, plow, etc., to let a grower know the per acre/per crop cost of each piece of equipment and also the total cost per acre/per crop), and many other analyses.

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 (Peanut Curing Manager) is a decision support system that assists drying facility managers with inventory control.  It schedules sampling and removal times, estimates time remaining on dryer and current moisture content.  Cooperators have reported reduced drying costs and improved peanut quality.

Software download and updates

PECMAN screen shot

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Last Modified: 3/19/2009