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GLOMALIN: A Glycoprotein Produced by Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi

Northern Great Plains Research Laboratory, Mandan, ND


The following methods may be used to examine glomalin, an arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal protein, which is ubiquitous in the soil and has been found coating fungal hyphae and soil aggregates. Because of its importance in forming water-stable aggregates and in soil fertility, concentrations of this protein are being measured in a variety of soils to compare soils of different compositions and/or tillage or disruption practices. Please refer to the listed references for further details concerning the methodology and results. For further information on glomalin, please see the Glomalin Information page (PDF) file, Glomalin-Soil's Superglue, Glomalin: Hiding Place for a Third of the World's Stored Soil Carbon, and University of Montana.

Please e-mail Kris Nichols at to receive updates and changes to these procedures and/or continue to monitor the Homepage and the INVAM website. Also, please let Kris know in your e-mail if you wish to be included on a list where ideas, questions, and methods may continue to be exchanged. In addition, if you have any improvements or additions to the current methods, please e-mail Kris so everyone can be informed.


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Field sampling (PDF file)

Soil aggregate analysis (PDF file)

Pot culturing (PDF file)

Staining for percentage AM colonization (PDF file)

Indirect immuno-fluorescence assay (PDF file)

Glomalin extraction (PDF file)

Bradford total protein assay (PDF file)

Production of antibody against glomalin (PDF file)

ELISA immunoreactive protein assay (PDF file)

Immuno-dot blot assay (PDF file)

Glomalin Purification-Precipation and Dialysis (PDF file)

SDS-PAGE gel (PDF file)

Chemical and Materials Inventory (PDF file)


References (PDF file)Disclaimer (PDF file)

For further information concerning glomalin, please see the Glomalin Information page. (PDF file)

Last Modified: 4/18/2013
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