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Project Overview

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"We strive to discover novel genetic tools to improve the
agronomic properties of potatoes and tree fruits."

Project Overview

 Harvesting Potatoes Specific Research Strategies
  • Mobilizing transgenes into potato cultivars to confer resistance to microbial pathogens.
  • Continuous investigation and characterization of agronomically useful genes from wild Solanum species.
  • Application of genomics to citrus improvement.
  • Down-regulation of undesirable glycoalkaloid toxicants and  tuber bruise reactions using antisense or siRNA technology.
 Bill and Paul Characterization & Distribution of Genetic Resources

We continue to clone and characterize agronomically useful control elements and vectors for use in the research community.

 Gene Map Characterization & Mapping of Repetitive DNA Elements

We seek to discover important mechanisms involved in gene evolution and function by mapping and characterizing repetitive DNA elements within the genome.

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Last Modified: 5/10/2011
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