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Jonathan Lundgren
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See my curriculum vitae for more information on my activities.







Jonathan Lundgren

North Central Agricultural Research Laboratory


2923 Medary Avenue

Brookings, SD, 57006

Ph.: 605-693-5211

Fax: 605-693-5240




Research Area:

I am a predator ecologist, and my main areas of research include predator feeding ecology and nutritional physiology, integrating generalist predators within modern farming systems, the importance of biodiversity in managing pests, and carabid taxonomy and natural history. Specific research systems include:

1)    Physiological underpinnings of omnivory and feeding ecology of predatory ladybeetles (especially, Coleomegilla maculata).


2)    Conserving generalist predator communities in cropland using vegetational diversity, especially in corn and soybeans.


3)    Unravelling complex trophic interactions within soil-based food webs, and encouraging predation on weed seeds and insect pests.


4)    The importance of endosymbionts to expanding the dietary breadth of insects.


5)    The reproductive ecology of predatory Heteroptera (especially Orius insidiosus), and understanding how food quality and plant characteristics influence bug behavior.


6)    The economics of conservation biological control of insect pests and weed seedbanks.



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