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2005 publications focusing on Carabidae, updated seasonally (international species descriptions are omitted)

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1.       Alexander,-C-J; Holland,-J-M; Winder,-L; Woolley,-C; Perry,-J-N. 2005. Performance of sampling strategies in the presence of known spatial patterns.  Annals-of-Applied-Biology 146(3): 361-370

2.       Anderson-SJ; Emberson-RM; Brown-B. 2005. Seasonal activity and habitat associations of Mecodema howitti and Megadromus guerinii, two endemic New Zealand ground beetles (Coleoptera : Carabidae)NEW-ZEALAND-JOURNAL-OF-ZOOLOGY. DEC 2004; 31(4): 305-312

3.       Armsworth,-C-G; Bohan,-D-A; Powers,-S-J; Glen,-D-M; Symondson,-W-O-C. 2005. Behavioural responses by slugs to chemicals from a generalist predator. Animal-Behaviour 69: 805-811

4.       Avila,-J; Rodriguez-del-Bosque,-L-A. 2005. Impact of a Brazilian nucleopolyhedrovirus release on Anticarsia gemmatalis (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), secondary insect pests, and predators on soybean in Mexico. Journal-of-Entomological-Science 40(2): 222-230

5.       Aviron,-S; Burel,-F; Baudry,-J; Schermann,-N. 2005. Carabid assemblages in agricultural landscapes: impacts of habitat features, landscape context at different spatial scales and farming intensity. Agriculture,-Ecosystems-and-Environment 108(3): 205-217

6.       Ballinger,-A; Mac-Nally,-R; Lake,-P-S. 2005. Immediate and longer-term effects of managed flooding on floodplain invertebrate assemblages in south-eastern Australia: generation and maintenance of a mosaic landscape. Freshwater-Biology 50(7): 1190-1205

7.       Barbaro,-L; Pontcharraud,-L; Vetillard,-F; Guyon,-D; Jactel,-H. 2005. Comparative responses of bird, carabid, and spider assemblages to stand and landscape diversity in maritime pine plantation forests. Ecoscience 12(1): 110-121

8.       Bertrand-AS. 2005. Ground beetles (Coleoptera : Carabidae) from northwestern New Brunswick, Canada: Notes on uncommonly reported species and new provincial records. NORTHEASTERN-NATURALIST 12(3): 287-294

9.       Bhatti-MA; Duan-J; Head-G; Jiang-CJ; McKee-MJ; Nickson-TE; Pilcher-CL; Pilcher-CD. 2005. Field evaluation of the impact of corn rootworm (Coleoptera : Chrysomelidae)-protected Bt corn on ground-dwelling invertebrates. ENVIRONMENTAL-ENTOMOLOGY 34(5): 1325-1335

10.   Bomford-MK; Vernon-RS. 2005. Root weevil (Coleoptera : Curculionidae) and ground beetle (Coleoptera : Carabidae) immigration into strawberry plots protected by fence or portable trench barriers. ENVIRONMENTAL-ENTOMOLOGY  34(4): 844-849

11.   Brandmayr-TZ; Bonacci-T; Massolo-A; Brandmayr-P. 2005. Peace in ground-beetle larvae: non-aggressive outcome in Chlaenius spp. larvae interactions. ETHOLOGY-ECOLOGY-AND-EVOLUTION. 16(4): 351-361

12.   Brockerhoff,-Eckehard-G; Berndt,-Lisa-A; Jactel,-Herve. 2005. Role of exotic pine forests in the conservation of the critically endangered New Zealand ground beetle Holcaspis brevicula (Coleoptera : Carabidae). New-Zealand-Journal-of-Ecology 29(1): 37-43

13.   Brooks-AS; Wilcox-A; Cook-RT; Crook-MJ. 2005. A laboratory-based comparison of a molluscicide and an alternative food source (red clover) as means of reducing slug damage to winter wheat. PEST-MANAGEMENT-SCIENCE 61(7): 715-720

14.   Broring-U; Mrzljak-J; Niedringhaus-R; Wiegleb-G. 2005. Soil zoology I: arthropod communities in open landscapes of former brown coal mining areas. ECOLOGICAL-ENGINEERING 24(1-2): 121-133

15.   Brust-ML; Hoback-WW; Knisley-CB Biology, habitat preference, and larval description of Cicindela cursitans Leconte (Coleoptera : carabidae : cicindelinae). COLEOPTERISTS-BULLETIN 59(3): 379-390

16.   Buddle-CM; Beguin-J; Bolduc-E; Mercado-A; Sackett-TE; Selby-RD; Varady-Szabo-H; Zeran-RM. 2005. The importance and use of taxon sampling curves for comparative biodiversity research with forest arthropod assemblages. CANADIAN-ENTOMOLOGIST 137(1): 120-127

17.   Calder,-C-R; Harwood,-J-D; Symondson,-W-O-C. 2005. Detection of scavenged material in the guts of predators using monoclonal antibodies: a significant source of error in measurement of predation? Bulletin-of-Entomological-Research. 95(1): 57-62

18.   Chapman,-J-W; Reynolds,-D-R; Smith,-A-D; Riley,-J-R; Telfer,-M-G; Woiwod,-I-P. 2005. Mass aerial migration in the carabid beetle Notiophilus biguttatus. Ecological-Entomology 30(3): 264-272

19.   Choi-YoungCheol; Park-HaeChul; Kim-JongGill; Sim-HaSik; Kwon-OhSeok. 2005. Selection of indicator insects for the evaluation of agricultural environment. Korean-Journal-of-Applied-Entomology 43(4): 267-273

20.   Cole-LJ; McCracken-DI; Downie-IS; Dennis-P; Foster-GN; Waterhouse-T; Murphy-KJ; Griffin-AL; Kennedy-MP. 2005. Comparing the effects of farming practices on ground beetle (Coleoptera : Carabidae) and spider (Araneae) assemblages of Scottish farmland. BIODIVERSITY-AND-CONSERVATION. 14(2): 441-460

21.   Cote,-M; Ferron,-J; Gagnon,-R. 2005. Invertebrate predation of postdispersal seeds and juvenile seedlings of black spruce (Picea mariana) in the boreal forest of eastern Canada. Canadian-Journal-of-Forest-Research 35(3): 674-681

22.   Dauber,-J; Purtauf,-T; Allspach,-A; Frisch,-J; Voigtlander,-K; Wolters,-V. 2005. Local vs. landscape controls on diversity: a test using surface-dwelling soil macroinvertebrates of differing mobility. Global-Ecology-and-Biogeography 14(3): 213-221

23.   de-la-Poza-M; Pons-X; Farinos-GP; Lopez-C; Ortego-F; Eizaguirre-M; Castanera-P; Albajes-R. Impact of farm-scale Bt maize on abundance of predatory arthropods in Spain. CROP-PROTECTION 24(7): 677-684

24.   Desender,-K; Small,-E; Gaublomme,-E; Verdyck,-P. 2005. Rural-urban gradients and the population genetic structure of woodland ground beetles.  Conservation-Genetics 6(1): 51-62

25.   Dewar,-A-M; Haylock,-L-A; Garner,-B-H; Sands,-R-J-N; Baker,-P. 2005. The environmental impact of GM herbicide-tolerant sugarbeet. Aspects-of-Applied-Biology (74): 119-126

26.   Dhuyvetter-H; Gaublomme-E; Verdyck-P; Desender-K. 2005. Genetic differentiation among populations of the salt marsh beetle Pogonus littoralis (Coleoptera : Carabidae): A comparison between Atlantic and Mediterranean populations.  JOURNAL-OF-HEREDITY 96(4): 381-387

27.   Duan, J. J., M. S. Paradise, J. G. Lundgren, R. N. Wiedenmann. Genetically modified crops and ground beetles as non-target organisms: developing dietary toxicity assays for larvae of Poecilus chalcites (Coleoptera: Carabidae). American Entomologist 51(4).

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32.   Eyre-MD; Luff-ML. 2005. The distribution of Epigeal Beetle (Coleoptera) assemblages on the north-east England Coast. JOURNAL-OF-COASTAL-RESEARCH 21(5): 982-990

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37.   Ferry,-N; Jouanin,-L; Ceci,-L-R; Mulligan,-E-A; Emami,-K; Gatehouse,-J-A; Gatehouse,-A-M-R. 2005. Impact of oilseed rape expressing the insecticidal serine protease inhibitor, mustard trypsin inhibitor-2 on the beneficial predator Pterostichus madidus.  Molecular-Ecology 14(1): 337-349

38.   Finch,-O-D. 2005. Evaluation of mature conifer plantations as secondary habitat for epigeic forest arthropods (Coleoptera: Carabidae; Araneae). Forest-Ecology-and-Management 204(1): 21-34

39.   Foltan-P; Sheppard-S; Konvicka-M; Symondson-WOC. 2005. The significance of facultative scavenging in generalist predator nutrition: detecting decayed prey in the guts of predators using PCR. MOLECULAR-ECOLOGY 14(13): 4147-4158

40.   Fox,-T-B; Landis,-D-A; Cardoso,-F-F; Difonzo,-C-D. 2005. Impact of predation on establishment of the soybean aphid, Aphis glycines in soybean, Glycine max. BioControl 50(4): 545-563

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