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1 - Column Sideflow
2 - Emission Columns
3 - Hytibar Emission Reduction
Emission Columns
stainless steel columns
This stainless-steel column system allows an integrated evaluation of emission potential and efficacy of pesticides. The system consists of a large, packed soil column and a sampling chamber for measuring the pesticide emissions at the soil surface. Leachate can be measured from a port at the bottom of the column. Soil pests can be inoculated into the column and their survival may be assayed after pesticide treatment. This laboratory equipment has been frequently used to evaluate the emission of fumigants from soil and to determine fumigant efficacy.
Gan, J., Hutchinson, C., Ernst F., Becker, J.O. and Yates, S.R. 2000. Column system for concurrent assessment of emission potential and pest control of soil fumigants. Journal of Environmental Quality 29:657-661.
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Last Modified: 10/21/2005
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