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Assessment of Salinity and Irrigation/Drainage Practices
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1 - Abstract
2 - Introduction
3 - Mobile Four-Electrode Sensing System
4 - Mobile Electromagnetic Sensing System
5 - Mapping Theory and Software
6 - Conclusions
7 - References
J. D. Rhoades, S. M. Lesch, R. D. LeMert, and W. J. Alves
This "poster paper" introduces the reader to a state-of-the-art, practical technology to measure soil salinity and its spatial relations in detail in irrigated fields developed by J. D. Rhoades and colleagues at the U. S. Salinity Laboratory using
  • Mobilized, EM and four-electrode sensors
  • GPS, geostatistics
  • Efficient ground-truthing techniques
This technology was developed for
  • Inventorying (mapping) and monitoring soil salinity
  • Evaluating the adequacy and appropriateness of irrigation and drainage systems and practices
  • Locating the areal sources of salt-loading within diffuse irrigated landscapes
  • Discussions of the theory and software developed for ground-truthing are presented
  • Descriptions of the equipment are given with illustrations
  • Examples are presented demonstrating the method's utility
  • References are provided to publications where the technology is presented in more detail
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