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Title: New Way to Chemically Prepare a Variety of Materials
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Patent Number: 7534917
Docket Number: 4906
Serial Number: 11786640
Date Patented: 05/19/2009

Technology Description: 


ARS scientists from Pennsylvania developed a new way to prepare and synthesize—a process combining several elements to create a new product/element—different classes of materials, e.g. polymers.   This method makes dicarboxylic acids, which are intermediates to make other products. This invention is an improvement over existing methods used to synthesize materials, because it does not require solvents, and it allows for producing materials in very high yields. ARS’s technology can be used for producing biodegradable polymers, including biodegradable polyester.  Polymers (plastics) are made from natural and synthetic materials, and can be used in adhesives and lubricants, toys, and other products.  This discovery represents an attractive approach to large-scale production of useful materials such as nylon cosmetics, plasticizers, lubricants and greases. 


Companies that manufacture products that use plastic or polyester could potentially use this technology to add value to their existing production lines.


Reference:  Please refer to S.N. 11/786,640 (Docket #0049.06), which was filed on

April 12, 2007.  Foreign rights are not available.




Helen Ngo

Thomas Foglia

Eastern Regional Research Center

(Same as first inventor)

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