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Office of Associate Administrator
Shafer, Steven R
Associate Administrator
(301) 504-5084
5601 Sunnyside Avenue
GWCC 4-2154
Beltsville MD 20705

The Office of Associate Administrator, ONP, is responsible for and provides overall leadership and direction in: national planning and coordination, determination of program content, establishment of research priorities, program implementation, program review and evaluation, and international activities.

National Programs
  Office of Associate Administrator
Anderson, Terry
(301) 504-4799

Chesney, Susan
(301) 504-4608

Support Services Assistant
Coleman, Loren
(301) 504-4623

Everhart, Derald
(301) 504-4568

Hanna, Cynthia - Cindy
(301) 504-4722

Management Analyst
Jenkins, Kendra
(301) 504-4582

Program Analyst
Kelly, David
(301) 504-4614

Program Analyst
Liles, Latoya
(301) 504-4635

Support Services Assistant
Macdonald, Robert
(301) 504-1184

Coordinator for Partnerships and Grants
Miller, Renee
(301) 504-4517

Correspondence Control Officer
Neuenhahn, Linda
(301) 504-5084

Secretary (Office Automation)
Proctor, Rosetta
(301) 504-4590

Program Analyst
Robertson, Shaymeon
Student Trainee
Shields, Claudette
(301) 504-4513

Office Automation Assistant (Office Automation)
Stetka, Jill
(301) 504-4581

Program Analyst
Verma, Lolita
(301) 504-4778

Support Services Assistant
Last Modified: 10/1/2014
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