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Dr. David Archer, has been selected to receive the Conservation Research Award from the International Soil and Water Conservation Society. The award is conferred on society members or whose research has led to exceptional improvements in soil conservation, water conservation, and/or related natural resources research. The award may be given for research excellence or results of the research that have led to significant conservation improvements.

A research poster coauthored by Dr. David Archer, “Double- and Relay-cropping Oilseed and Biomass Crops for Sustainable Energy Production” was presented the "Best Visual Presentation Award” in the Biomass Feedstock, Residues and By-products in June at the European Biomass Conference and Exhibition held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Dr. David Toledo, Research Rangeland Management Specialist, received the 2013 Texas A&M University Association of Former Students Distinguished Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Research for his “outstanding academic record and contributions in teaching and research”. The work Dr. Toledo performed that led to this award evaluated the social dimensions of using extreme fire as a rangeland restoration tool in Texas and in the Janos Biosphere Reserve in Mexico. His research filled a critical knowledge gap in effectively restoring the resilience of rangeland ecosystems.

Larry Renner, Electronics Technician, and Becky Wald, Lab Technician, were recognized with the 2012 USDA-ARS Northern Plains Area Safety, Health, and Environmental Award of Excellence for outstanding sustained effort to foster and protect employee health through implementation of safe and conservation-oriented practices at the Northern Great Plains Research Laboratory. This program recognizes outstanding achievements which have contributed significantly to the mission of the the Agricultural Research Service.

Dr. Mark Liebig, Research Soil Scientist, has been selected to receive the Soil Science Society of American Fellow Award at the ASA-CSSA-SSSA Annual Meeting in Cincinnati, October 21-24.  Dr. Liebig was selected for developing tools and decision aids for designing more sustainable cropping systems through improvements in soil health, and his work with national farm organizations to encourage climate-friendly management practices throughout the United States.

North Dakota Agricultural Hall of Fame
   Mr. Alfred Black   *   2014 North Dakota Agriculture Hall of Fame Inductee   *
   Dr. Armand Bauer   *   2010 North Dakota Agriculture Hall of Fame Inductee   *
Fellow Awards
  Mark A. Liebig    *   SSSA - 2012   *
  Cal Thorson   *   SWCS - 2010   *
  Donald Tanaka   *   ASA - 2005   *

John D. Berdahl   *   ASA - 2002   *   CSSA - 2003   *

  Albert B. Frank    *   ASA - 1996   *   CSSA - 1997   *

Armand Bauer   *   ASA - 1989   *   SSSA - 1989   *


Alfred L. Black   *   ASA - 1989   *   SWCS - 1987   *


Ronald F. Follett   *   ASA - 1988   *   SSSA - 1988   *


James F. Power   *   ASA - 1982   *   SSSA - 1982   *


Wayne O. Willis   *   ASA - 1973   *   SSSA - 1975   *


David L. Grunes   *   ASA - 1972   *   SSSA - 1972   *


Carl W. Carlson   *   ASA - 1966   *   SSSA - 1966   *


George A. Rogler   *   ASA - 1962   *   CSSA - 1962   *

Outstanding Achievement Awards

John D. Berdahl   *   SRM - 2000   *

  Jonathan D. Hanson   *   SRM - 2000   *
  Albert B. Frank    *   SRM - 1997   *
  Russell J. Lorenz   *   SRM - 1990   *

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