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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service

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Former Students

  • Phil Bacon (Engineering Aid)
  • Hall, Eric (Hydrologic Aid)
  • Kozik, Jessica (Biological Science Aid)
  • Bennaly, Eric (Engineering Aid)
  • Han,Clara (Biological Science Aid)
  • Bryan Brown (Student trainee Science)
  • Daniel MacKinnon (Research Associate)
  • Grant Mattive (Student trainee Engineering)
  • Chris Reed ( Engineer Aid)
  • Bart (B.J.) New (Biological Science Aid)
  • Austin Snow (Student Research Assistant)
  • Sarah Broce ( Biological Science Aid)
  • Jared Burns ( Student Research Assistant)
  • Douglas Caleb (CSU Student)
  • Raleigh Keagan (Student Research Assistant)
  • Christopher Brick (CSU Student)  
  • Taylor Jackson (Biological Science Aid)
  • Steven Kichler (Bio Science Aid)
  • Jenna Meeks (Biological Science Aid)
  • Peter Travers (CSU Student)
  • Michael Ostlie (CSU Student)
  • Jordan Varble (Eng Tech)
  • Lucas Pesek (CSU Student)
  • John Denton (Biological Science Aid)
  • Liam Cummins (Engineer Aid)
  • Kendall DeJonge (Stdn Trn)
  • Garrett Banks (Engineer Aid)
  • Robyn Bartling (Biological Science Aid)
  • James Haley (Engineer Aid)
  • Eric Westra (Biological Science Aid)
  • Caitlin Condon (Biological Science Aid)
  • Grace Lloyd (Bio Sci Tech)
  • Amanda McKay (Biological Science Aid)
  • Demos, Elliot (Biological Science Aid)
  • April Shelhon(Biological Science Technician)
  • Brenna Mefford (Engineer Aid)
  • Moden, Kayla (Engineer Aid)
  • Schroder, Ryne (Engineer Aid)
  • Wakefield, Keith (Engineer Aid)

Current Students

  • Jason Young (Biological Science Technician)
  • Abbitt, Matt (Biological Science Aid)
  • Arnold, Corey (Engineer Aid)
  • Kraich, Bailey (Engineer Aid)
  • Bliss, Clayton (Biological Science Technician)
  • Choat, Benjamin (Engineer Aid)
  • Cooper, Mitchell (Biological Science Aid)
  • Roy, Gavin (Physical Science Technician)
  • Travers, Veronica (Biological Science Aid)

Last Modified: 4/21/2015
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