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Dr. Jeffery S. Pettis, Research  Leader

301 504-7299,

Research emphasis on the behavior and chemical ecology of honey bees, including colony management techniques to reduce Varroa and tracheal mite populations, testing cultural techniques and natural products for mite and small hive beetle control and development of field bioassays to screen for mite resistance to acaracides.

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Dr. Yanping (Judy) Chen, Research Entomologist


Conducts research on the epidemiology and pathogenesis of honey bee viruses, including establishing insect cell lines for propagation of viruses; characterization of genomic structure of viruses; developing molecular methods for detection of virus infection and characterization of virus seasonal activity; and studying the possible role of parasitic mites in the transmission of virus diseases.

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Dr. Anita M. Collins, Research Geneticist (Retired)


Conducts research on honey bee germplasm preservation, including cryopreservation and non-frozen methods; and physiology and functional genomics of natural sperm storage by the queen.

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Dr. Jay D. Evans, Research  Entomologist


Conducts genomic research on honey bees and their pests, including identifying and characterizing developmental genes; identifying genes expressed in response to disease agents, and developing methods to screen bees for disease resistance; and using microsatellite and mitochondrial DNA markers to quantify reproduction, migration, and acaricide resistance in honey bee parasitic mites.

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Dr. Mark F. Feldlaufer, Research Chemist


Investigates new methods of controlling parasitic mites and honey bee pests. Participates in natural products chemistry with other members of the laboratory and research community.

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Dr. Jan P. Kochansky, Research Chemist (Retired)

301 504-8668,

Organic synthesis, formulation, and analysis of materials for the control of diseases and parasitic mites. Investigations of the chemical ecology of bees and their parasites.

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Dr. Laura I. Decanini, Postdoctoral Research Associate

301 504-8975,

Studying genetic variation in the ability of bees to mount an effective response against the bacterial pathogen Paenibacillus larvae , the cause of the disease American Foulbrood.  Using bioassays, gene-expression studies, and direct matings to determine the heritability of honey bee disease resistance.

Support Staff

Hamilton, M.C.
Lopez, D.L.
Owens, Z.
Rice, N.M.
Smith, Jr., I.B.
Ulsamer, A.
Williams, V.P.


Thompson, B.
Weirich, G.

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