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Stephanie Greene
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Contact Information

     24106 North Bunn Road
     Prosser, WA 99350

Collecting wild relatives of alfalfa Kazakhstan

Professional Experience

1994 - Present Forage Legume Curator /Geneticist
USDA-ARS National Temperate Forage Legume Germplasm Unit
Prosser, WA
1992 - 1994 Research Support Specialist
USDA Plant Genetic Resources Unit
Geneva, NY


1992 - Ph.D. Agronomy (Plant Breeding)
Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS
1987 - M.S. Plant Science
University of Idaho, Moscow, ID
1985 - B.S. Plant Science
University of Idaho, Moscow, ID

Professional Affiliations

Crop Science Society of America

North American Alfalfa Improvement Conference

Department of Crop and Soil Science (Adjunct Faculty), WSU

Research and Interests

My research focuses on understanding patterns of genetic diversity within Medicago, Trifolium and Lotus species. I have studied patterns that evolve as a result of variable environments using Geographic Information System GIS) tools to characterize environmental variation and molecular markers such as AFLPs and SSRs to characterize genetic variation. I am currently examining the population genetic structure of alfalfa wild relatives collected in Kazakhstan, and wild clover species endemic to the United States. My work is carried out within the context of developing efficient strategies for acquiring, conserving and using forage legume genetic resources.

Selected Publications

Greene, S.L., T. Minoura, J. J. Steiner, G. Pentecost. 2006. WebGRMS: Prototype Software for Web-based Mapping of Biological Collections. Biodiversity and Conservation (Online First:DOI 10.1007/s10531-006-9067-0)

Greene S.L., 2005. Collecting Legumes In The Largest Remote Region Remaining In The Lower 48 States. Aridus 17(1):1-5.

Greene S.L., M. Gritsenko, G. Vandemark. 2004. Relating morphologic and RAPD marker variation to collection site environment in wild populations of red clover (Trifolium pratense L.). Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 51(6):643-653

Greene S.L, R. Hannan, A. Afonin, N.I. Dzyubenko, A. Khusainov. 2004. Collecting wild crop relatives in the northwestern steppes of Kazakhstan. Plant Genetic Resources Newsletter 141:1-6

Mosjidis, J.A.  S.L. Greene, K. A. Klingler, A. Afonin. 2004. Isozyme Diversity in Wild Red Clover Populations from the Caucasus. Crop Science 44:665-670.

Bauchan, G.R., S.L. Greene. 2002. Status of the Medicago germplasm collection in the United States. Plant Genetic Resources Newsletter 129:1-8.

Greene, S.L. and J.B. Morris. 2001. The case for multiple-use plant germplasm collections and a strategy for implementation. Crop Science 41:886-892.

Morris, J.B. and S.L. Greene. 2001. Defining a multiple-use germplasm collection for the genus Trifolium. Crop Science 41:893-901.

Greene, S.L., T.C. Hart and A.Afonin. 1999. Using geographic information to acquire wild crop germplasm for ex situ collections: I. map development and field use. Crop Science 39:836-842.

Greene, S.L., T.C. Hart and A.Afonin. 1999. Using geographic information to acquire wild crop germplasm for ex situ collections: II. post collection analysis. Crop Science 39:843-849.

Last Modified: 4/25/2013
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