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2012 Presentations
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2012 World Dairy Expo
Madison, WI l October 2-6, 2012

How low can you go with protein in dairy cattle diets?
Glen Broderick, Research Dairy Scientist
U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center, USDA-ARS

Corn silage quality varies from field to field
Joe Lauer, Professor of Agronomy
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Silage inoculants seem to affect animal performance as well as crop fermentation
Richard Muck, Agricultural Engineer
U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center, USDA-ARS

The economics of feeding dairy cattle with high-priced forage and grain
Steve Woodford, Dairy Nutrition Consultant
Nutrition Professionals

Using plant analysis to diagnose alfalfa nutrient needs
Carrie Laboski, Associate Professor and Extension Soil Scientist
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Last Modified: 10/11/2012