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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service

PGRCU Personnel
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Gary A. Pederson, Research Leader (USDA)
Judy C. Hendrix, Administrative Officer (USDA)
Donna M. Kent, Administrative Associate (UGA)
Jacqueline "Jacquie" McDonald, Program Support Assistant (Office Automation) (USDA)


Research and Curation

Melanie L. Harrison, Agronomist (USDA)
Libbie L. Hudson, Agricultural Science Research Technician (USDA)
Angela "Angie" J. Lewis, Research Technician II (UGA)
Robert "Bob" L. Jarret, Research Horticulturist (USDA)
Sarah S. Moon, Biological Science Technician (USDA)
Christopher "Chris" W. Tatum, Research Professional I (UGA)
J. Bradley "Brad" Morris, Geneticist Plants (USDA)
Kenneth "Ken" G. Manley, Research Professional I (UGA)
Gary A. Pederson, Supervisory Geneticist (USDA)
Kami L. Lindberg, Agricultural Science Research Technician (USDA)
Ming Li Wang, Research Geneticist (USDA)
Brandon D. Tonnis, Biological Science Lab Technician (USDA)


Germination and Plant Pathology

David L. Pinnow, Plant Pathologist (USDA)
Phiffie J. Vankus, Biological Science Laboratory Technician (USDA)


Seed Storage and Database Management

Lee Ann Chalkley, Seed Storage Manager and Biological Science Technician (USDA)
Tiffany B. Fields, Biological Science Laboratory Technician (USDA)
Sylvia M. Jones, Biological Science Laboratory Technician (USDA)


Field Services

Donnie M. Hice, Farm Manager and Senior Agricultural Specialist (UGA)
Jill R. Cunningham, Research Technician (UGA)
Matthew "Adam" Gregory, Research Technician (UGA)


Information Technology

Merrelyn Spinks, Information Technology Specialist (USDA)
Jeremy D. Smith, Information Technology Professional Associate (UGA)

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