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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service

Albany Location Contacts
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Office of the Director 
Howard Q. Zhang*
Center Director
Ph: 510-559-5600 Fax: 510-559-5963
*Dr. Zhang is on detail as Acting Associate Area Director, South Atlantic Area, effective July 1- Sept 30, 2014. WRRC Acting Center Director is Tara McHugh.
Christopher Carter
Executive Assistant
Ph: 510-559-5600
Thomas Moreno
Facility Engineer
Ph: 510-559-5622 Fax: 510-559-5638
Stephen Douglass
Information Services Supervisor
Ph: 510-559-5735
Carolyn Garcia
Safety and Occupational Health Specialist
Ph: 510-559-6059

Location Support Services
Gwyn Watson
Administrative Officer
Ph: 510-559-6029 Fax: 510-559-5638
Dolores Gantan
Administrative Support Assistant
Ph: 510-559-6030

Office of Technology Transfer (Pacific West Area, OTT)
David Nicholson
Technology Transfer Coordinator
Ph: 510-559-5641 Fax: 510-559-6091
Kristin Kimball
Technology Transfer Assistant
Ph: 510-559-5619

Research Units at WRRC 

Bioproduct Chemistry and Engineering Research Unit (BCE)
William Orts
Research Leader 
Ph: 510-559-5730 Fax: 510-559-5818
Office Automation Assistant
Ph: 510-559-5621

Crop Improvement and Utilization Research Unit (CIU
Ann Blechl 
Acting Research Leader
Ph: 510-559-5716
Jayma Brown
Program Support Assistant 
Ph: 510-559-5750

Exotic and Invasive Weeds Research Unit (EIW)
Patrick Moran 
Acting Research Leader
Ph: 510-559-6393 Fax: 510-559-5737
Maureen Rettig 
Program Support Assistant
Ph: 510-559-5602

Foodborne Toxin Detection & Prevention Research Unit (FTDP)
Luisa Cheng
Acting Research Leader
Ph: 510-559-6337 Fax: 510-559-6162
Jackie Coleman
Program Support Assistant
Ph: 510-559-6428

Genomics and Gene Discovery Research Unit (GGD)
Yong Gu 
Acting Research Leader
Ph: 510-559-5732
Patricia Swartz
Program Support Assistant 
Ph: 510-559-5934

Healthy Processed Foods Research Unit (HPFR)
Tara McHugh
Research Leader, Acting Center Director 
Ph: 510-559-5864 Fax: 510-559-5818
Lorraine Brown
Program Support Assistant
Ph: 510-559-5650

Produce Safety and Microbiology Research Unit (PSM)
William Miller 
Acting Research Leader
Ph: 510-559-5992 Fax: 510-559-6165
Karen Mallinen
Program Support Assistant
Ph: 510-559-5610

Last Modified: 9/8/2014