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Kamaranga Peiris
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Shantha Peiris


Contact Information:

ATTN:  Kamaranga Peiris
1515 College Ave
                       Manhattan, KS  66502

Phone:   785.776.2732
Fax:   785.537.5550


Kamaranga (Shantha) Peiris 


Shantha is a Post Doctoral Researcher working on NIR and FTIR spectrometric/microscopic methods for evaluation of single kernels of wheat and for studying various traits of insects. Current research projects focus on developing methods for identification of Fusarium damage and estimation of deoxynivalenol levels in single kernels for fusarium head blight resistance evaluation of wheat and for age grading and species identification of insect vectors.


NIR/Chemometrics related publications

Peiris, K.H.S., G.G. Dull, R.G. Leffler and S.J. Kays. 1998. Near infrared spectroscopic method for nondestructive determination of soluble solids content of peaches.  J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 123:898-905.
Available online at:

Peiris, K.H.S., G.G. Dull, R.G. Leffler J.K. Burns, and C.N. Thai, and S.J. Kays. 1998. Nondestructive detection of section drying, an internal disorder in tangerine. HortScience 33:310-312.
Available online at:

Peiris, K.H.S., G.G. Dull, R.G. Leffler and S.J. Kays. 1998. Near infrared spectroscopic technique for nondestructive determination of soluble solids content in processing tomatoes [Lycopersicon lycopersicum (L.) Karsten].  J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 123:1089-1093. 

Peiris, K.H.S., G.G. Dull, R.G. Leffler, and S.J. Kays. 1998. Rapid, nondestructive method for determination of processed soluble solids in intact unprocessed tomato fruit using near infrared spectrometry. Acta Horticulturae 487:413-4. 

Peiris, K.H.S., G.G. Dull, R.G. Leffler, and S.J. Kays. 1997. Nondestructive determination of soluble solids content of peach by near infrared spectroscopy. pp. 77-87. In: Sensors for Nondestructive Testing: Measuring the Quality of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. Orlando, FL. Northeast Regional Agricultural Engineering Service, Ithaca, New York. 440p.  

Horticultural Publications

Peiris, K.H.S. and J.D. Weerasooriya. 2007. Utilization of fruit waste compost in fruit cultivation (Abstract). In Proceedings of the 12th International Forestry and Environment Symposium, Tangerine Beach Hotel, Kalutara, Sri Lanka. Departmnt of Forestry and Environmental Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardenepura.

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Gunasena, H.A.I., K.H.S. Peiris and C.S. de Silva. 2007. Effect of different potting media mixtures on growth of durian (Durio zibethinus) and jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) grafts. pp 110-112. In Annual Academic Sessions 2007. The Open University of Sri Lanka. 

Peiris, K.H.S. 2006. Collection, conservation, evaluation and use of durian germplasm at Horana (Abstract). In Proceedings of the 11th International Forestry and Environment Symposium, Villa Ocean View, Wadduwa, Sri Lanka. Department of Forestry and Environmental Sciences. University of Sri Jayewardenepura. 

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Peiris K.H.S. and W.M.U.B. Wickrama. 2004. Performance of some grape (Vitis vinifera L.) varieties at Aralaganwila in Mahaweli System B. pp 105-111. In Proceedings of the workshop on plant genetic resources and crop improvement, JICA/PGRC. 

Peiris K.H.S. 2003. Off-season mango production using Paclobutrazol and Thiourea. Sri Lankan Journal of Agric. Science. 40:57-65.  

Ddharmasena, P.B., M.S. Nijamudeen and K.H.S. Peiris. 2001. Growth performance of mango and lime with in-situ rainwater harvesting. Annals of the Sri Lanka Department of Agriculture. 3:27-36. 

Carlos, J.T., K.H.S. Peiris, C.S. Weeraratne and C.H. de A. Jayasinghe. 1999. Mango flower induction in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. Report submitted to NCP Rural Development Project, Anuradhapura. 

Peiris, K.H.S. and W.M.U.B. Wickrama. 1999. Performance of Pineapple (Ananas cosmosus (L.) Merr.) cv. "Mauritius" as a Rainfed Crop on Non Calcic Brown Soils at Aralaganwila. Paper presented at the Workshop on Sustainable Rainfed Farming in the Dry Zone of Sri Lanka. May, 1999. 

Peiris, K.H.S., J.L. Mellon and S.J. Kays. 1997. Respiratory rates and vital heat of some specialty vegetables at various storage temperatures. HortTechnology. 7:46-49. 

Peiris, K.H.S. and S.J. Kays. 1996. Asiatic pennywort, Centella asiatica (L.) Urb., a little known vegetable crop. HortTechnology. 6:13-18. 

NIR/Chemometrics related publications

Wegulo, S.N., Bockus, W.W., Hernandez Nopsa, J.F., Peiris, K.H.S., and Dowell, F.E.  2013.  Integration of fungicide aplication and cultivar resistance to manage Fusarium head blight in wheat.  Pages 35-54 in: Fungicides - Showcases of integrated Plant Disease Management from Around the World.  M. Nita, Editor.  InTech, Rijeka, Croatia.


Hernandez Nopsa, J.F., baenziger, P., Eskridge, K.M., peiris, K.S., Dowell, F.E., Harris, S.D., and Wegulo, S.N.  2012.  Differential accumulation of deoxynivalenol in two winter wheat cultivars varying in FHB phenotype response under field conditions.  Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology.  34(3):380-389. 


Sikulu, M., Dowell, K.M., Hugo, L.E., Wirtz, R.A., Michel, K., Peiris, K.S., Moore, S., Killeen, G.F., and Dowell, F.E.  2011.  Evaluating RNAlater® as a preservative for using near-infared spectroscopy to predict Anopheles gambiae age and species.  Malaria Journal.  10:186-192.


Peiris, K.H.S., Pumphrey, M.O., Dong, Y., and Dowell, F.E.  2011.  Fusarium head blight symptoms and mycotoxin levels in single kernels of infected wheat spikesCereal Chemistry.  88(3):291-295.


Wegulo, S.N., Bockus, W.W., Hernandez Nopsa, J., De Wolf, E.D., Eskridge, K.M., Peiris, K.H.S., and Dowell, F.E.  2011.  Effects of Integrating Cultivar Resistance and Fungicide Application on Fusarium Head Blight and Deoxynivalenol in Winter WheatPlant Disease.  95(5):554-560.


Peiris, K.H.S., and Dowell, F.E.  2011. Determing Weight and Moisture Properties of Sound and Fusarium-Damaged Single Wheat Kernels by Near Infrared SpectroscopyCereal Chemistry.  88(1):45-50.


Peiris, K.H.S., Pumphrey,M.O., Dong, Y., Maghirang, E.B., Berzonsky, W., and Dowell, F.E.  2010.  Near-Infrared Spectroscopic Method for Identification of Fusarium Head Blight Damage and Prediction of Deoxynivalenol in Single Wheat Kernels.  Cereal Chemistry.  87(6):511-517.


Will K. Reeves, K.H.S. Peiris, Ernst-Jan Scholte, Robert A. Wirtz, and Floyd E. Dowell.  2010.  Age-Grading Culicoides sonorensis (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy.  Medical and Veterinary  Entomology 24 (1) 32-37.


Peiris, K.H.S., M. O. Pumphrey and F. E. Dowell.  2009.  NIR absorbance characteristics of deoxynivalenol and of sound and Fusarium damaged wheat kernelsJournal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy 17: 213-221. 


Peiris, K.H.S., G.G. Dull, R.G. Leffler and S.J. Kays. 1999. Spatial variability of soluble solids or dry matter content within individual fruit and vegetable units: Implications for the development and use of NIR spectrometric techniques. HortScience 34:114-118.
Available online at:


Peiris, K.H.S. 1998. Near infrared spectrometric techniques for nondestructive quality evaluation of peaches, tangerines and processing tomatoes. Published PhD Dissertation, Department of Horticulture, The University of Georgia; University Microfilms International (, 300 N. Zeeb Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48106, USA. 






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