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Mark Casada
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Research Interests
 Mark Casada

Contact Information:

ATTN:  Mark Casada
                       1515 College Ave
                       Manhattan, KS  66502

Phone:   785.776.2758
Fax:   785.537.5550


 Mark Casada - Agricultural Engineer


Mark is a lead scientist responsible for grain handling and storage research. He focuses on research of improved aeration control strategies, heat as a sanitation pre-treatment to control insects in on-farm grain bins, identity preserved grain handling, reducing dust emissions from grain handling operations, and modeling the stored grain environment and the movement of grain in handling equipment.


  • 1981 - B.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Kentucky

  • 1985 - M.S. Agricultural Engineering, University of Kentucky
  • 1990 - PH.D. Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Minor: Mechanical Engineering, North Carolina State University


  • 1999 – present – Lead Scientist and Agricultural Engineer.  USDA-ARS, Grain Marketing and Production Research Center, Manhattan, KS.  Lead scientist responsible for grain handling and storage research.  Focusing on research of improved aeration control strategies, modeling temperature and moisture changes in stored grain, heat as a sanitation pre-treatment to control insects in on-farm grain bins, identity preserved grain handling, and reducing dust emissions from grain handling operations.

  • 1999 – present – Adjunct Professor, Kansas State University, Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department.  Member of graduate faculty.

  • 1990-1999 – Associate/Assistant Professor, University of Idaho, Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department.  Taught and conducted research on grain drying and stoage, food engineering, and potato transportation.  Member of graduate faculty.

  • 1989-1990 - Research Assistant, Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department, North Carolina State University.  Established the first estimates of the contribution of methane emissions from livestock and poultry waste to increasing levels of atmospheric greenhouse gasses.



Publications: Grain Storage

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Publications: Grain Handling


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Publications: Heat as a pre-treatment to control insects

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