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Enzyme-peeled citrus, developed at this laboratory, was mentioned in Time Magazine: Rawe, J.  Where the Best Ideas Take Wing (part on peeled citrus), Time Magazine, Visions of Tomorrow, Special Report, October 2004.

Work on antioxidant activity in tropical fruits was featured in a Miami Herald article: Martin K.  For Nutrition, Give Guava a Try. Miami Herald, 5/12/2005, 14E.

Research on citrus peel waste was featured in a St. Petersburg Times article: Levesque, W. Squeezing Fuel from Oranges.  St. Petersburg Times, 5/30/2006.


Work on making fresh-cut citrus safer was featured in a Freshcut: The Packer article: Cable, S. Acid bath before slicing may make fresh-cut citrus safer.  Freshcut: The Packer, 3/19/2007.

A new tomato variety, that was co-developed with the University of Florida, was discussed in a Citrus & Vegetable article: Scott, J. New tomato variety earns kudos for taste, reliable yields, March 2007.

Research on citrus peel waste being used to create ethanol was featured in a Palm Beach Post article: Salisbury, S. Researchers say citrus peel waste used for cattle feed could be another source of ethanol, giving Florida a furture in alternative energy production.  Palm Beach Post, 6/17/2007.

Research on the nutrtional value of guava was featured in an article in Agricultural Research: Flores, A. Great guava! Agricultural Reserach Magazine, October 2007.


The collaboration between ARS scientists and Thai scientists to develop better coatings and surface treatments for lychee and fresh cut mango was featured in a Fresh Cut  Magazine article: Flores, A. Tropical Fresh-Cuts: U.S.-Thai Exchange Bolsters Coatings Research. Fresh Cut Magazine, November 2007.

Research on citrus peel waste being used to create ethanol was covered by local news station, Bay News 9. The story entitled Local Scientists Going 'Orange' ran on February 5, 2008.

Work on grapefruit juice drug interactions was featured in an article on the USDA-ARS website: Durham, S. Fungi May Hold Key to Reducing Grapefruit Juice Interactions with Medications. November 16, 2009.

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Fungi May Hold Key to Reducing Grapefruit Juice Interactions with Medicat= ions
Nov 16, 2009
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Aug 31, 2009
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Oct 15, 2007
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Oct 01, 2007
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Apr 06, 2006
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Sep 07, 2005
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Sep 15, 2004
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