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USDA Research Demonstrates New Breeds of Broccoli Remain Packed with Health Benefits
Oct 13, 2011
Tracking Virus Resistance Genes in Watermelon Made Easier with New Molecu= lar Markers
Dec 28, 2009
Watermelon: Fruit on the Fast Track
Dec 11, 2009
Sweet Potato Protection is More Than Skin Deep
Oct 14, 2009
New Pest-Resistant Habanero Joins Peck of ARS-Created Peppers
Sep 22, 2009
Luis Mejia wins Backus Award from Mycological Society of America
Sep 05, 2008
Preserving a Unique Collection of Carolina Collards
Apr 10, 2008
Researchers Identify Cause of Watermelon Vine Decline
Nov 08, 2007
Workshop on the systematics of the Hypocreales
Oct 03, 2007
New Southernpeas Developed by ARS, Cooperators
Jul 18, 2007
New Habanero Blasts Taste Buds--and Pepper Pests
Jul 02, 2007
Prompt Progress Made Against a New Threat to Watermelon
Apr 11, 2007
Watermelon Line May Help Breeders Combat Mildew
Feb 23, 2006
Cutting-Edge Studies Focus on Broccoli, Peas and Watermelon
Dec 05, 2005
Presenting: Two New Southernpea Varieties
Mar 23, 2005
Pepper Lends Its Nematode Resistance to Double-Cropped Vegetables
Jun 23, 2004
Hybrid Bell Pepper Is Latest Bad News for Nematodes
Dec 19, 2002
Hybrid Bell Pepper Is Latest Bad News for Nematodes
Dec 19, 2002
Resistant Broccoli's DNA Used in Fight Against Downy Mildew
Apr 30, 2002
New Southernpea Released by ARS
Nov 30, 2001
New Sweetpotatoes Make Great Chips, Fries
May 17, 2001
Watermelons Screened To Find Built-in Disease Resistance.
Feb 01, 2001
Broccolis Differ in Anti-Cancer Potential
Jan 02, 2001
New Pest-Resistant Sweetpotato
Nov 16, 2000
First Green Blackeye Pea
Aug 10, 2000
Two New Peas for Freezers--at Home and the Supermarket
Dec 07, 1998
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