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Better, Faster Vaccinations For Poultry

Egg producers now have access to a new tool developed by the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) that helps protect laying flocks from serious diseases like infectious bronchitis, mycoplasmosis and exotic Newcastle disease.  Each year, mycoplasmosis alone costs U.S. producers more that $140 million, partly due to uneven vaccine delivery.

A manufacturer for the CPJ Vaccinator has been found and the device is now being manufactured and sold commercially.  Please check web address: for the complete news release.

There is a publication (A Self-Propelled, Constant-Speed Spray Vaccinator for Commercial Layer Chickens, Avian Disease 49:147-151, 2005) available from the Poultry Research Unit.  Please send requests to: Dr. Scott L. Branton, USDA-ARS Poultry Research Unit, P. O. Box 5367, Mississippi State, MS 39762-5367.


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