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2011 News
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The "gift" that unfortunately keeps on giving:

Neil Young warned us that "rust never sleeps," and it seems that some pesticides never completely die, either, based on findings by chemists Laura McConnell and Cathleen Hapeman at our ARS Environmental Management and Byproduct Utilization Laboratory at Beltsville, Md., whose samples of air and rain at various sites in Maryland and Delaware from 2000 to 2003 have revealed that traces of "legacy" pesticides still linger in the environment, even though those pesticides are no longer being used. (7/7)


(this article is compliments of ARS Newsmakers, July 7, 2011) 

If you go wading in streams, that may be more than just mud squishing between your toes:

Soil scientist Yakov Pachepsky and his colleagues at our ARS Environmental Microbial and Food Safety Laboratory in Beltsville, Md., have confirmed that one reason for E. coli's presence in surface water is that the bacteria can survive for months in underwater sediment, and in fact it can survive much longer in the underwater sediment than in the water itself, as well as overwintering in the sediment. (7/1)


(this article is compliments of ARS Newsmakers, July 1, 2011) 

The Granny Smiths are ready for their closeup, Mr. DeMille:

It's kind of hard to get a Red Delicious to say "cheese," but that's about all that's missing from a high-tech setup developed by biophysicist Moon S. Kim, agricultural engineers Yud-Rud Chen (now retired) and Kuanglin (Kevin) Chao, and biomedical engineer Alan M. Lefcourt of our ARS Environmental Microbial and Food Safety Research Laboratory in Beltsville, Md., that uses "lights, camera, and action" to detect defects and contamination on produce while it's still in the packinghouse. (5/10)


(this article is compliments of ARS Newsmakers, May 13, 2011) 

I say "potato," you say "polyamine":  

Whether you lean towards "to-MAH-toe" or "to-MAY-toe," we'd all like them to taste better and last longer, and plant physiologist Autar Mattoo at our ARS Sustainable Agricultural Systems Laboratory in Beltsville, Md., has been working with university colleagues on utilizing organic compounds called polyamines to bring us tomatoes that not only have a longer shelf life, but also are tastier and more nutritious. (2/16)


(this article is compliments of ARS Newsmakers, February 18, 2011) 

A make-over for Mother Nature:  

Abandoned landfills traditionally are capped with clay, but microbiologist Pat Millner and safety manager Dave Prevar at our ARS Henry A. Wallace Beltsville Agricultural Research Center in Beltsville, Md., have come up with an alternative method that's good news for both air and water, and oh-so-much-easier on the eyes. (2/9)


(this article is compliments of ARS Newsmakers, February 11, 2011) 

BARC Poster Day!! 

BARC Poster Day was held this year on Wednesday, April 27th. Poster Day provides an opportunity for Research Associates, Visiting Scientists, and recently-hired Scientists to present their research findings in a multi-disciplinary setting. It also provides an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with other members of the research community at BARC.  The Post Day was a huge success, congratulations to all the winners! 


Ronald Fayer (EMFSL) - Congratulations!!


For scientific leadership of research on parasites of veterinary and medical importance especially protist pathogens affecting food animals and food safety and for leadership of laboratory and agency programs that promoted the objectives of the Agricultural Research Service.

Craig Daughtry (HRSL) - Congratulations!!


Dr. Craig Daughtry is being recognized for pioneering research in theory and applications of remote sensing for assessing crops and soils.


(Beltsville Area Honoree for 2011)

Monica Santin-Duran (EMFSL) - Congratulations!!


Dr. Monica Santin-Duran is being recognized for conducting outstanding research to discover pathogens of public health concern in food animals.


(Beltsville Area Honoree for 2011)

Randy Rowland (EMFSL) - Congratulations!!


Randy Rowland is being recognized for outstanding support of the research on environmental microbial safety.


(Beltsville Area Honoree for 2011)

George Liu (BFGL) - Congratulations!!

George Liu of the Bovine Functional Genomics Laboratory (BFGL) was awarded Beltsville Area Early Career Research Scientists for conducting outstanding research on cattle genome copy number variations underlying economically important health and production traits. The award will be presented on Wednesday, June 15, 2011.

George Liu (BFGL)- Congratulations!!

George Liu of the Bovine Functional Genomics Laboratory (BFGL) was awarded a NIFA AFRI Competitive Grant ($617,428). His proposal entitled “Structural and functional impacts of copy number variations on the cattle genome” received the highest ranking and will last from 2011 until 2014.

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