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Two ANRI Scientists Help Get The Word Out About Watershed Conservation!

As a part of outreach activities related to the Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP) Choptank River Watershed Project, BARC scientists participated in the Chesapeake Executive Council Watershed Restoration Fair at Sandy Point State Park on September 21st.  Hosted by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, this public event was designed to showcase the extensive work being done across the watershed by state and local governments, watershed and nongovernmental organizations, and private landowners.  The ARS booth was decorated with a colorful poster describing the project, and handouts detailing specific project activities as well as general information about BARC were provided to the many interested attendees.  Govenor Erlich and several Maryland Department Secretaries attended the event.  Govenor Erlich utilized the opportunity to present a number of awards to businesses and private citizens for outstanding environmental stewardship.  Dr. Laura McConnell of the Environmental Management and Byproduct Lab (EMBUL) and Dr. Greg McCarty of the Hydrology and Remote Sensing Lab (HRSL) are coleaders of the Choptank River Watershed Project.  Learn more anout CEAP here:

ANRI Scientist Receives Presidential Rank Award- Congratulations!

Dr. Max Paape of the Bovine Functional Genomics Lab (BFGL) was awarded the 2006 Distinguished Senior Professional Presidential Rank Award for his work on cells in milk and the role that they play in defense of the mammary gland aganist bacteria that cause mastitis.  Each year the President recognizes and celebrates a select group of career Senior Executives and Senior Professionals (research and staff scientists) with the Presidential Rank Award for exceptional long-term accomplishments.  Winners of this prestigious award are strong leaders, professionals, and scientists who achieve results and consistently demonstrate strength, intergrity, industry, and a commitment to excellence in public service.

Beltsville Area Honorees for 2006 - Congratulations!

Dr. Walter J. Rawls, Research Leader
Hydrology and Remote Sensing Laboratory, (HRSL)

Dr. Rawls is being recognized for research and international leadership in the development and application of soil hydraulic properties in agricultural hydrology.

Dr. Douglas D. Bannerman, Microbiologist

Bovine Functional Genomics Laboratory, (BGL) 

Dr. Bannerman is being recognized for outstanding performanace in the development of a highly productive and innovative research program that is defining the role of the immune response to intramammary infection.

Dr. Stanislaw Kahl, Biologist
Growth Biology Laboratory, (GBL) 

Dr. Kahl is being recognized for outstanding support to the mission and functional role of ARS in addition to maintaining high standards for the performance of his work and his professional interactions that reflect so highly back on ARS.

Dr. Ralph T. Roberts, Computer Specialist
Hydrology and Remote Sensing Laboratory, (HRSL)

Dr. Roberts is being recognized for outstanding laboratory web-page development and computer programming in support of laboratory research.

Dr. Jerry C. Ritchie, Soil Scientist
Hydrology and Remote Sensing Laboratory, (HRSL)

Dr. Ritchie is being recognized for leadership in the development of programs to foster participation of underrepresented groups in soil science, hydrology, and remote sensing at Tuskegee & North Carolina A&T Universities.

2006 ARS Science Hall of Fame Inductees - Congratulations!

Vernon PurselVernon G. Pursel, Retired ANRI Research Leader
For lifetime contributions to genetic and reproductive development of livestock through pioneering research in genetic engineering and semen preservation.  Dr. Pursel retired from ARS in 2002 but continues to collaborate with scientists at the Animal and Natural Resources, Biotechnology and Germplasm Laboratory.  During his 38 years of service, Pursel has focused on developing new reproductive biotechnologies to accelerate the rate of genetic progress in farm animals.  These new technologies have improved the efficiency of producing animal protein for food.  For more information on the ARS Hall of Fame you can visit

2006 ANRI Poster Day Winners - Congratulations!

Martha Anderson, Second Prize, HRSL
Routine Mapping of Evapotranspiration and Moisture Stress Across the Continental United States.

Chun-Chieh Yang, Honorable Mention, ISL
Line-Scan Machine Vision System for Online Poultry Carcas Inspection.

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