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Pestivirus Infection in Swine
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Meeting Information
Pestivirus Infection in Swine

Impact, Detection, Prevention and Control


The Pestivirus Infection in Swine meeting is being called to address issues pertaining to the diagnosis and control of CSFV, BVDV and BDV infections in swine. The program will include both invited speakers and round table discussions.


Issues to be addressed:

Do the "new" low virulence classical swine fever viruses (CSFV, also known as hog cholera) present problems for detection and diagnosis? How big a problem is bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) and border disease virus (BDV) infections in commercial swineherds? Does BVDV contamination of MLV vaccines and other biologics used in swine production pose a threat? What are the risks and economic impact of a CSFV outbreak? What is the role of vaccination in eradication programs?

Preliminary Program

Pestivirus Infection of Swine
Impact, Detection, Prevention and Control

July 6 and 7, 2000
Ames, IA

Thursday, July 6

8:30 am
Preliminary Remarks and Introductions
Dr. Julia Ridpath

Opening Remarks
Dr. Keith Murray
Directory NADC

Session 1
Incidence and Impact

Convenor - Dr. Sabrina Swenson

9:00 am
Incidence of BVDV Infection in U.S. Swine Herds
Dr. Sabrina Swenson

9:20 am
BVDV in Swine: Serological Prevalence and Interference
with CSF Diagnostics
Dr. Hans de Smit

9:40 am
Relative Risk of Importing CSFV into the US
Dr. Christine Kopral

10:00 -10:30 am   BREAK

10:30 am
Impact of CSFV Outbreak in Netherlands
Dr. Annemarie Bouma

10:50 am
Consequences of a CSFV Outbreak in the US
Dr. Ken Forsythe

11:00 am
Round Table Discussion
Round Table members:
Dr. Sabrina Swenson, Dr. Hans de Smit, Dr. Annemarie Bouma,
Dr. Elisabeth Liebler, Dr. Eduardo Flores, Dr. Irene Greiser-Wilke,
Dr. Christine Kopral, Dr. Ken Forsythe

11:30 - 1:00 pm
Lunch and Poster Session (Authors are asked to be available by
their posters for questions between 12:15 and 12:45 pm)

Session 2
Detection and Differentiation

Clinical Presentation
Convenor - Dr. Martin Hofmann

1:00 pm
The Changing Face of CSFV Clinical Presentation
Dr. Martin Hofmann

1:40 pm
The Clinical Appearance of BVDV in Swine
Dr. Hans de Smit

2:00 pm
Interaction of BVDV and TGE
Dr. Roger Woods

2:20 -2:50 pm   BREAK

Convenor - Dr. Irene Greiser-Wilke

2:50 pm
Classic Pathology of CSFV
Dr. Elisabeth Leibler

3:10 pm
Pathology of Mixed BVDV/TGE Infection
Dr. Robert Kunkle

3:30 pm

Dr. Gordon Ward

3:50 pm
Detecting and Differentiating Pestivirus in the Lab
Dr. Irene Greiser-Wilke

4:20 pm
Round Table Discussion
Round Table members:
Dr. Martin Hofmann, Dr. Hans de Smit, Dr. Roger Woods,
Dr. Elisabeth Leibler, Dr. Robert Kunkle, Dr. Juan Lubroth,
Dr. Sabrina Swenson

Friday, July 7

Session 3
Prevention and Control

Convenor - Dr. Julia Ridpath

8:30 am
U.S. Perspective on Surveillance and Control of CSFV
Dr. Lee Ann Thomas

8:50 am
The Molecular Epidemiology of CSFV in Cuba
Dr. Maria Teresa Frias Lepoureau

9:10 am
Prevention and Control of CSFV Infections in Mexico
Dr. Juan Garcia-Garcia

9:30 - 10:00 am   BREAK

10:00 am
The Role of Vaccination in Control of CSFV in Endemic and Free Zones
Dr. Alicia Trigo

10:20 am
Marker Vaccine Trial on Classical Swine Fever
Dr. Gundula Floegel-Niesmann

10:40 am
NPPC Perspective
Beth Lautner

Round Table Discussion
Round Table members:
Dr. LeeAnn Thomas, Dr. Bev Schmitt,, Dr. Annemarie Bouma, Beth Lautner,
Dr. Alicia Trigo, Dr. Juan Garcia-Garcia, Dr. Ruben Donis

11:20 am
Closing remarks
Dr. Jim Roth


Featured Speakers

Dr. Annemarie Bouma ID-DLO   Lelystad, The Netherlands
Dr. Juan Garcia-Garcia SAGAR CENID-Microbiologia-INIFAP Carretera Mexico Toluca, Mexico
Dr. Irene Greiser-Wilke Institute of Virology School of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Germany
Dr. Martin Hofmann Institute of Virology and Immunoprophylaxis   Mittelhausern, Switzerland
Dr. Robert Kunkle Respiratory Diseases of Livestock NADC Ames, IA
Dr. Juan Lubroth Reagents and Vaccine Section FADL Plum Island, NY
Dr. Paulo Roehe CPVDF-FEPAGRO & DM/ICBS   Brazil
Dr. Hans de Smit ID-DLO   Lelystad, The Netherlands
Dr. Sabrina Swenson Diagnostic Virology Laboratory NVSL Ames, IA
Dr. Elisabeth Liebler-Tenario Institute for Pathology School of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Germany
Dr. Roger Woods Viral and Prion Diseases of Livestock NADC Ames, IA

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