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February 20-23, 2008 - Dr. Steven Thomson (APTRU) was invited to speak to the Spray Efficacy Research Group (SERG) and Canadian Aerial Applicators Association (CAAA) members on "New Advances in Flow Control for Variable-Rate Aerial Application." Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.  

July 20, 2006 - Forty County Extension Agents from around Alabama visited Stoneville to view the latest research being conducted in field crops with the Application Production and Technology Research Unit at Stoneville. They visited with Drs. Steven J Thomson and Gretchen F. Sassenrath. Dr Thomson demonstarated the aerial videography, multispectral, and thermal imaging systems on agricultural aircraft. These remote sensing systems are being used to detect plant stresses for crop management, as well as other applications. He described the variable-rate aerial application system being developed and tested under a Specific Cooperative Agreement with Houma Avionics, Inc.  The group also met with Dr. Gretchen Sassenrath to observe the automated cotton sampling system she uses to develop spatial maps of cotton fiber properties.  This information is used in developing profitability maps of the cotton, and designing site-specific applications to optimize profits. Dr. Sassenrath described the ground-based remote sensing system she is developing for detecting differences in cotton productivity.


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