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March 2013
Drs. Kip Balkcom and Andrew Price were invited to make presentations at the 13th Conservation Tillage Production Systems Training Conference held in Tifton, GA. Dr. Balkcom's presentation was entitled, Conservation Production Systems-A Basic Review and Dr. Price's presentation was entitled, Weed Management in Conservation Production Systems.

Dr. Allen Torbert was invited to speak at the 2013 Midwest Soil Improvement Symposium in Ada, Ohio. Dr. Torbert made a presentation entitled, Current Research Activities for Agriculture Uses of Gypsum on Highly Erodible Soils. Attending the symposium was approximately 300 agricultural producers, extension personnel and farm advisors.

February 2013
Dr. Andrew Price presented a manuscript entitled, Herbicide and Cover Crop Residue Integration for Amaranthus Control in Conservation Agriculture Cotton and Implications for Resistance Management at the Weed Science Society of America Annual Meeting held in Baltimore, MD. In addition, Dr. Price began serving on the sustainable agriculture committee within the society.

Dr. Ted Kornecki and Corey Kichler attended the 2013 Alabama Fruit and Vegetable Conference held at the Auburn University Conference Center in Auburn, AL. They demonstrated innovative equipment used in conservation systems including a tractor mounted patented two-stage cover crop roller/crimper, a BSA walk behind tractor mounted roller/crimper and also no-till modified transplanter with subsoiler to alleviate compacted layers while transplanting. Approximately 200 producers, NRCS, Extension and researchers attended the conference. Demonstrating rollers and the transplanter generated a lot of interest from vegetable producers. During the conference, the National Soil Dynamics Laboratory displayed a booth with fact sheets of cover crops management for organic vegetable systems, informative video of rollers development suitable for organic production, and displayed cover crops samples.

Kip Balkcom and Ted Kornecki attended the 2013 Southern Conservation Agricultural Systems Conference in Norman, OK as a part of the No-till Oklahoma 2013 Conference.  The conference focused on no-till row crop production with cover crops and emphasized cover crop management, rotation, fertilization and weed control in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and Arkansas. Dr. Balkcom presented two papers entitled, Nitrogen rates for biomass sorghum production across tillage systems, and Conservation systems in the Southeast. Dr. Kornecki presented a paper entitled, Cotton population and yield following rye and crimson clover termination with roller/crimper and herbicides in an Alabama no-till system. Approximately 300 producers, extension and researchers attended the conference.

Dr. Andrew Price presented a talk entitled, Weed and Herbicide Management in Today's Row Crops at the East-Central Alabama Row Crops Workshop, E.V. Smith Research and Education Center, Shorter, AL.

January 2013
Dr. Allen Torbert was invited to speak at the University of California Cooperative Extension Winter Ag Meeting in McArthur, CA. Dr. Torbert gave a talk entitled, Effects of Conservation Tillage on Your Land and addressed the issue of adopting conservation cropping systems to improve soil quality.

December 2012
Drs. Kip Balkcom, Ted Kornecki, Andrew Price, and Ms. Leah Duzy hosted 16 undergraduate students from the Universidad Nacional de Agricultura located in Catacamas, Honduras. The students heard presentations from each of the scientists about their research efforts in conservation systems. Dr. Juan Rodriguez served as a translator for each of the presentations, as well as, provided an overview about similarities and differences between laboratory procedures in the U.S. compared to Honduras.

November 2012
Dr. Allen Torbert, National Soil Dynamics Laboratory, Auburn, AL attended the Triennial International Soil Tillage Research Organization Conference, Montevideo, Uruguay. Dr. Torbert made a presentation entitled, Development of a soil test for determining the impact of soil disturbance. Approximately 300 scientists from 40 countries attended the conference to present research and discuss the importance of understanding soil management impacts on the environment.

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