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March 2010

A poster presented at a local meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS) was featured in an ACS press release that was picked up by many news media, including a short article the New York Times. The research involves development of a new test for disease-causing E coli in food. The work was performed by student Clay Bernard, a Biotech Partners intern, and post-doctoral Research Biologist Laurie Clotilde in the laboratory of Research Leader John Mark Carter.


December 2009

Research by FCR Research Biologist Reuven Rasooly was described in the December 16 issue of Food Technology weekly online. The article is based on Marcia Wood's ARS press release on December 14, and it describes Reuven's new test for Staphyococcal enterotoxin A (SEA). SEA is a toxin produced by the common food poisoning bacteria Staphyococcus aureus.


May 2009

Our food defense research was featured in the May-June 2009 issue of Agriculture Research. We presented our recent accomplishments in the magazine's Forum as well as a full feature article.


August 2008

FCR research was featured in a podcast produced by the American Chemical Society (ACS). Although Research Leader John Mark Carter was quoted in the podcast, the ricin research described was actually performed in the laboratory of FCR Research Molecular Biologist Xiaohua He. You can find her original papers here and here. For a link to the podcast, click the ACS icon below:







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