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Invasive Species: Foul-tasting grass expanding across Western rangelands - Laura Petersen, E&E reporter (Environment & Energy Publishing, LLC,

An article first published on 11/18/2010 by - Laura Petersen, E&E reporter discussing an invasive grass known as medusahead.

USGA-Funded Turfgrass Research That Directly Impacts You - The Development of Drought- and Salt-Tolerant Grasses (video)

A brief slide show of research toward developing salt tolerant Kentucky bluegrass turf.  This was reported on the U.S. Golf Association weekly report.  It includes USDA-ARS researchers Shaun Bushman and Joseph Robins, and Utah State University researcher Paul Johnson.  Dr. Shaun Bushman describes this work in this four-minute video.

July 23, 2010

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