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ARS Scientist Wins Award for Poultry Research  (ARS News Release)

A Big Stride Toward Healthier PoultryA Big Stride Toward Healthier Poultry  (ARS News Release)

Defining Risk from Meatborne Parasites  (ARS News Release)

The Cat/Pig Toxoplasmosis Connection  (ARS News Release)

ARS Scientist Wins Award for Poultry Research  (ARS News Release)

Study of Risk Assessment of Retail Meat for Presence of Toxoplasma Completed   (Dubey, J.P., Hill, D.E., Jone, J.L., Hightower, A.W., Kirkland, E., Roaberts, J.M., Marcet, P.L., Lehmann, T., Vianna, M.C.B., Miska, K., Sreekumar, C., Kwok, O.C.H., Shen, S.K., and Gamble, H.R. (2005) Prevalence of viable Toxoplasma gondii in beef, chicken, and pork from retail meat stores in the United States: Risk assessment to consumers. Journal of Parasitology 91: 1082-1093)

ARS News Articles

Reducing Fertilizer Use with a More Accurate Soil Test
Jul 10, 2014
Calcium Makes for an Environmentally Friendly Pickle
Jul 07, 2014
ARS Scientists Help Improve Soil Carbon Calculations
Jul 03, 2014
Orange-fleshed Honeydew: Ripe for Beta-carotene Analysis
Jul 01, 2014
Delivering Vaccines Chicks Can Gobble Up
Jan 28, 2014
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