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1 - Grape Genetics In The News!
2 - Fall 2007-GGRU/PGRU Openhouse
3 - New Dwarf Type May Be a Giant of Grape Research
Fall 2007-GGRU/PGRU Openhouse

The New York State Agricultural Experiment Station Turned 125 in 2007.  A Gala 125th celebration for the NYSAES occurred during a two-day Open House in Geneva on September 14 and 15, 2007.  Over 1000 local high school students from the area toured the station on Sept. 14, from 10am-3pm, to gain some hands on appreciation for careers in science.  On September 15, the public was invited to a day-long celebration that included activities in the Station's labs, greenhouses, pilot plant, and tour of field activities.

A newspaper insert focused on the 125th is available at the following website as a pdf:

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