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Rust Meeting


Orange Rust Meeting
At the USDA-ARS Sugarcane Field Station
Canal Point, Florida
May 29, 2009

The meeting of Brazilian and US Sugarcane Scientists was conducted to explore possible cooperative and collaborative research emphasizing sugarcane orange rust and other areas of mutual interests to the participants to improve the sugarcane production.


8:15-8:30 AM   Coffee and Informal Introductions

8:30 AM   Welcoming to the Sugarcane Field Station  Jack Comstock

8:30-8:40 AM Round the Table Introductions

8:40-8:55 AM Brief History of the Sugarcane Field Station  Jack Comstock

9:10-9:40 AM  Overview and Objectives of Meeting   Ryan Moore, OIRP
         Felix Franca, Labex

9:20-10:10 AM Summary of Current Research Projects in Brazil and Areas of Collaboration with ARS and other US Scientists.     

  Marcelo Canteri
  Marcelo Sfeir de Aguiar 
  André Felipe da Silva
  Eder Antonio Giglioti
  José Geraldo Baldini Ribeiro
  Selma C. C. de Holanda Tavares


10:25-11:55 AM  Group Discussion of Research in Collaboration with Jack  Comstock/Felix Franca

12:00-12:40       Lunch in Conference Room

12:45-1:15 PM    Summation       Deb Fravel, Acting NPL, Plant Health

Follow Up and/or Tour of Station Fields and Laboratory

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