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Stommel, John R
Research Geneticist (Plants)
BLDG. 002, RM. 117, BARC-WEST
Beltsville MD 20705

The mission of the Food Quality Laboratory (FQL) is to conduct research on the biology and physical structure of fruits, vegetables, and grain with the aim of developing technologies to reduce postharvest losses, and improve sensory, nutritional, and functional quality. Specific goals are to 1) develop improved methods of controlling ripening, senescence, physiological and pathological disorders, and loss of constituents contributing to flavor, aroma, and nutrition; 2) determine the role of key genes that regulate produce quality changes, particularly as affected by environmental conditions, decay and fresh-cut processing; 3) develop analytical methods and instrumentation for objective measurement of quality-related properties of fruits, vegetables, and grain; and 4) provide technical information to the public, sister agencies, industry associations, and other stakeholders.

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