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Baldwin, Elizabeth A
Supervisory Research Horticulturist
(772) 462-5979
U.S. Horticultural Res Lab
2001 S. Rock Road
Fort Pierce FL 34945

The mission of the Citrus Subtropical and Other Products Research Unit is to (1)improve flavor, textural and nutritional quality while extending shelf life and microbial stability of subtropical and tropical fruit and fruit products; (2) use chemical and other analytical techniques to obtain fundamental information about mechanisms by which internal compositional profiles of these commodities are changed through genetics, harvest maturity, storage or processing and determine effects of such changes on available nutrients and other quality factors; (3) develop new mechanisms, or modify established mechanisms for converting commodities into more desirable products; (4) develop new approaches for the conversion of polysaccharides in fruit processing wastes to value-added products; (5)isolate from citrus byproducts, phenols with biological activities targeted towards a number of pharmacological endpoints; and (6)identify citrus genotypes with resistance to disease and that produce high quality fruit.

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