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Throne, James E
Center Director
(559) 596-2702
9611 S. Riverbend Avenue
Parlier CA 93648

The Parlier Location is composed of three management units (Commodity Protection and Quality Research Unit, CPQRU; Crop Diseases, Pests and Genetics Research Unit, CDPGRU; Water Management Research Unit, WMRU) and hosts one project from Davis, California (National Arid Land Plant Genetic Resources Unit; NALPGRU). CPQRU is focused on developing alternative chemical and non-chemical (e.g., biological, physical) replacements for methyl bromide quarantine treatments of stored products; preserving or expanding domestic and export markets; and maintaining quality, extending storage life, and reducing postharvest losses of California-grown fruits and vegetables from senescence, decay, pathogens, insect pests and postharvest treatments. The CDPGRU develops methods to minimize production losses in California-grown horticultural crops from Citrus Tristeza Virus (CTV) and introduced plant pathogens and insect pests, primarily Xylella fastidiosa and its insect vectors (e.g., the glassy-winged sharpshooter); constructs predictive models for describing, assessing risk, and predicting spread and establishment of potential invasive plant pests; and develops improved almond, stone fruit and grape cultivars with enhanced disease and pest resistance, and superior horticultural characteristics for fresh and processing markets. The WMRU develops water management strategies to extend available water supplies; evaluates the effects of water management strategies on sustainability of current crop management practices; develops sustainable cropping systems utilizing water with impaired quality; and devises improved chemical- and biological-based approaches to management of soilborne weeds and pathogens in horticultural crops. The NALPGRU conducts research to acquire, maintain, regenerate, and evaluate diverse plant germplasm of selected arid-land plant species assigned to this Unit; and regenerates accessions for other repositories in the National Plant Germplasm System.

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