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Kluepfel, Daniel
Research Leader
Davis CA 95616

The mission of the CPGRU is to develop information on and solves issues involving the 1)etiology and biology of diseases affecting deciduous fruit/nut trees, grapevine, and strawberry, and development of improved disease management approaches that do not rely on methyl bromide or other pesticides; 2)rice genetics and germplasm enhancement for temperate environments; 3) sustainable management of grapevine diseases and weeds; and 4)sustainable floriculture production systems. Accordingly, the unit's basic and applied research programs include 1)determining the nature, biology, and pathogenic effects of bacteria, fungi, viruses, virus-like agents, and abiotic disorders that affect production of fruit/nut crops and developing alternative, environmentally sound disease management approaches; 2)identifying and characterizing rice genes affecting agronomically important traits (e.g. cold tolerance, disease resistance, competitiveness) and developing enhanced rice germplasm; 3)assessing and developing disease and weed management approaches for sustainable viticulture production; and 4)planning and implementing research on floriculture crops (i.e. cut flower and flowering potted plants) and production systems to improve the sustainability of greenhouse operations.

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