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Supplies - where we get them
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Please note: Mention of brand names or companies does not constitute endorsement by the USDA or ARS.


  • Vacuum pump

P.O.Box 7690
Chicago, IL. 60680-7690

Tel: 630-600-3600


  • Large Cyclone Spore Collector*

    G-R Manufacturing - same address as above

*Please see: Phytopathology 56:1102-1103 for basic collector design.


  • Hand held vacuum cleaner used with large cyclone spore collector

Cadillac Vacuum/Blower

Currently, not available at previous supplier, but other companies appear to sell them.

  • Gelatin capsules (size 00 clear) used in spore collectors and inoculators

Fagron Inc
2400 Pilot Knob Road
St. Paul, MN 55120

Tel: 800-423-6967
Fax: 800-339-1596

  • Spore collector bottles

    20ml Disposable Scintillation Vials, Screw Top Catalog No. C-03-337-15
    100 per Case
    Fisher Scientific (


Tel: 800-485-9569

  • Bleeder-type cut-off T-valve model 630  (bleeder assembly)

DeVillbis Healthcare

  • Plastic seedling trays for use with 3" square plastic pots (CDL uses vermiculite planting media)

Brookdale Pastics
Part# T13674 (built using custom mold for CDL)

  • Belden Plastic 3" square plastic pots

Carlin Horticultural Supplies
1375 Trout Brook Circle
St. Paul, Minnesota 55117

Tel: 651-487-8108 or 855-487-8108
Fax: 651-487-3963

  • Maleic acid hydrazide (used as seedling growth regulator)

    PhytoTechnology Laboratories
    7895 Mastin Dr.
    PO Box 13481
    Shawnee Mission, KS 66282-3481

  • Barberry Media Mix (used at CDL)

 Item  Parts
 Fafard aged pine bark  4
 Sunshine peat moss  2
 Turface Athletics MVP sand  1

Items available from Carlin Horticultural Supplies (see contact info above).

  1. Soil mix (Ag Mix) used in CDL greenhouses



     Field soil  6
     Sand  6
     Peat  5
     Composted manure  2


  • Twine for grain harvestors

    Willamette Exporting Co.
    P.O. Box 231105
    Portland, OR 97223

  • Revco freezers

    275 Aiker Rd.
    Asheville, NC 28804
    Fax 704-645-3368


  • Panasonic freezers

Dai Scientific
Kathy Mannie

Tel: 612-812-2860

Last Modified: 2/5/2015
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