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ARS Stream Data for SGP'97
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LITTLE WASHITA RIVER STREAM GAGE DATA FOR SGP97 The stream gage data described herein are contributed by the Agricultural Research Service, Grazinglands Research Laboratory, El Reno, OK in cooperation with the United States Geological Survey and the Oklahoma Water Resources Board. The data for the SGP97 period (June, July and August) is provided for the 7 Stream gaging stations in the Little Washita River Watershed. A description of the data and its format is given below.

The data is located at the following FTP address:

Each the above directory contains 7 data files that are organized by station.  The last four digits of each file name represent a portion of the USGS station number; the file name extension signifies whether the file is a stream gaging station or a pond discharge station. The LAT.- LONG. coordinates of each station are given in the table below and the approximate location is shown on a map of the Little Washita River Watershed. The contents and organization of each file is described below.


Format for the stream gage data files
Date: 1998-05-20

This file describes the USGS Stream gage data files. Each data file contains a line each for the location, data source, station number, latitude and longitude, drainage area, datum, data description and finally the data.

This gives the appoximate physical location of the gage and the landmark(s) (city or highway) it is near.

data source
Data gathering agency.

station number
Identifying number assigned to each stream gage.

Latitude - Longitude
Location of the gage in DMS of latitude and longitude.

Drainage area
Area in square miles of drainage area upstream of the gage.

Bottom of gage in feet above sea level.

Data description
Either instantaneous discharge at midnight in acre-feet or mean daily discharge in cfs.

Each line of data contains the year, month and day of the reading and the mean daily discharge in cfs for stream gages or the instantaneaous discharge in acre-feet at midnight for pond discharge data.

Sample Format
For reading the data line in FORTRAN 77 the following format statement could be used:

format (I4, 9X, I2, 11X, I2, 11X, F3.1)

For a more complete description of the instrumentation located at each site contact:

United States Geological Survey
Water Resources Division
202 NW 66 Street
Oklahoma City OK, 73116
Phone: (405) 843-7570


The ARS Stream gage data of the Little Washita River Watershed are accepted and used by the recipient upon the express understanding that the ARS and it's employees make no warranties, expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness, reliability or suitability for any one purpose, and that ARS and it's employees shall be under no liability to any person by reason of any use made thereof.

The ARS requests that the recipient of the ARS Stream gage data does not distribute, publish or disseminate the data under the recipient's name without full and up-front acknowledgement of ARS as the source of the data, and that the recipient acknowledges the support and role of ARS in publications that use and are based on the ARS data. The data can be requested from the ARS Data manager at USDS-ARS, 7207 W. Cheyenne St., El Reno, OK 73036.












AREA [sq.miles]

07327441 345409 0981422 1305.63 6.64
07327446 345039 0970754 1200.27 7.62
07327484 345340 0975947 1133.94 2.06
073274406 345453 0981502 1330 3.44
073274408 345533 0981400 1372.05 1.10
07327442 345332 0981358 1259.29 11.6
073274458 345158 0980330 1237.18 6.51
07327447 345016 0980727 1183.72 61.9
07327483 345303 0975943 1142.36 1.66
07327550 345748 0975357 1041.16 236

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