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Wastewater Irrigation
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The focus of this research is on the treatment of municipal sewage effluent to acceptable quality so that it may be used safely for any purpose. Soil aquifer treatment (SAT) has the potential to remove nitrogen, heavy metals, and viruses through natural biological processes. SAT often also can supply seasonal storage of the water to overcome differences between supply and demand. Recharge through dry wells is being examined as an alternative to infiltration basins, which require permeable soils. However, pretreatment of the water is required to keep these systems from clogging. For marginal soils, the pretreatment may require granular-media filtration. Research in this area will continue to be done cooperatively with the University of Arizona, Arizona State University, University of Colorado, Stanford University, the city of Phoenix, municipalities and water districts in California, and others.

Current Research

Irrigation with Sewage Effluent--Column Studies

Alternative Pretreatment of Effluent

Evaluating Long-Term Impact of Irrigating with Sewage Effluent--Fort Huachuca, AZ

Last Modified: 12/16/2005
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