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 Innovative Infrared Food Processing

 Infrared-Based Peeling of Tomatoes May Improve Precision, Save Water

 Flavorful Fruit and Veggie Wraps Inspire Tasty Creations

  Vitamin D-Rich Mushrooms

  Yum! Flavorful Wraps and Glazes Show Off Fruit and Vegetable Tastes and Textures

  For Tomorrow's Salads - Plant Extracts To Conquer Microbes

  Spice-Rack Favorites Battle Foodborne Pathogens

  Top Researchers of 2007 

  Tangy, Junior-size Fruit Bars from ARS Process

  Freezer-Friendly Fish Gelatins Fight Sogginess

  Apple Bars: Delicious, All-Natural Snack From ARS

  Tasty Tomato Flavor Compound Revealed

  Berries and Dark Chocolate Flavor Newest Treats From ARS Technology

  Cooking up Tempting, Fat-Fighting Foods and Ingredients

  Pomegranate Bars Capture Fun Fruit's Flavor, Nutrients

  Pterostilbene's Healthy Potential

  Organic, All-Fruit Bars Bear Out Value of ARS Process

  Blueberry Skins Eyed as Cholesterol Busters

  Likeable Legume Snacks from ARS Research

  Finding New Uses for Fish Byproducts

  Fruitful Research Leads to Nutritious Sweets

  Walnuts: Potential New Link to Heart Health Uncovered

  Healthy, Flavorful Wraps Enhance Sushi-Style Delicacies

  Citrus Compound: Ready To Help Your Body!

  New, Healthful Compound Discovered in Exotic Lentils

  ARS Employees Receive USDA, Presidential Awards

  ARS Scientists Honored for Tech Transfer Efforts

  Investigating Foods That May Help Forestall Type 2 Diabetes

  Edible Food Wraps Win National Award

  Pear Bars-A Tasty New Treat

  Researchers' New, All-Natural Snacks Nab National Award

  Bay Area Scientist Wins Top National Research Honor

  Pear Bars Capture Orchard-Fresh Flavor

  Veneman Honors USDA's Top Scientists of 2002

  An Accidental Tomato With High Lycopene

  Fruit and Vegetable Films Keep Food Fresh and Tasty

  Probing Rice Bran's Cancer-fighting Potential

  Researchers Seek Key to Increased Lycopene in Tomato

  Grass-Based Farming

  Breakfast Cereal Lowers Lab Rats' Cancer Risk



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itemChickpea-Based Healthy Snacks Are Created


Dr. Zhongli Pan, Research Engineer, Processed Foods Research Unit, USDA-ARS-WRRC, won the 2007 Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers and  the USDA ARS Herbert L. Rothbart Outstanding Early Career Scientist Award of 2007 for his Innovative, High Impact Engineering Solutions to Value-added Processing of Agricultural Commodities.

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