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Welcome to the Northwest Irrigation and Soils Research Laboratory (NWISRL) located in Kimberly, Idaho

Front view of the Northwest Irrigation and Soils Research Lab.

The mission of the Laboratory is to develop environmentally compatible and economically sustainable new and improved integrated water, soil, nutrient and crop management practices for irrigated agriculture in the United States.

Currently, research at the NWISRL is organized under four major research programs:

  • Assessing nutrient losses, emissions, and pathogen transport from manure application and animal production sites in the Western U.S.
  • Develop and improve strategies for management of irrigated agricultural crops and soils.
  • Improved water resources management for irrigated agriculture in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Sugarbeet germplasm development and innovative genetic and management approaches to reducing losses caused by pathogens.

Our laboratory was established in 1963 and was first named the 'Snake River Conservation Research Center' and later the 'Soil and Water Management Unit.' It was renamed the 'Northwest Irrigation and Soils Research Laboratory' in 1995 to better reflect its mission and area served. Research done on the irrigated lands near Kimberly, Idaho, applies throughout the western United States and many of the irrigated arid areas of the world. Adjoining the Headquarters complex of offices, labs, greenhouse, shop and storage buildings are 30 acres leased for field research. In 1990 a 74-acre farm, located three miles southwest, was purchased to expand field research. Additional research is conducted on cooperators' farms.

3793 North 3600 East
Kimberly, ID 83341

Phone: (208) 423-5582
Hours: 8 am to 4:30 pm MT

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Last Modified: 11/6/2009