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Welcome to the Cereal Disease Laboratory

We protect small grain cereal crops from the most devastating diseases.

Dr. Shahryar Kianian
Research Leader
(612) 624-4155
fax: 651-649-5054

Cereal Disease Laboratory
1551 Lindig Street
University of Minnesota

St. Paul, MN 55108

Directions to the lab

University of MN campus maps*

The mission of the Cereal Disease Laboratory is to reduce losses in wheat, oat, and barley to major diseases including leaf rust, stem rust, and Fusarium head blight. This mission is accomplished through research on the biology of the pathogens that cause these diseases and on methods to enhance disease resistance in small grains. Program objectives are to: (1) identify genes used by plants in defense against pathogens and determine their cellular and biochemical mechanisms of action; (2) elucidate molecular aspects of the expression of virulence in rust fungi; (3) identify and utilize rust resistance factors to protect small grain crops against existing and future pathogenic races in rust populations; (4) analyze population genetics of cereal rust fungi and devise strategies to enhance durability of resistance against diverse rust populations; (5) identify and characterize resistance in wheat and barley to Fusarium head blight and determine impacts of partial resistance on pathogen populations in crop residue; and (6) identify genetic factors for pathogenicity in Fusarium and explore ways to block their activity and minimize pathogen attack in small grains.

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  Secretary of Agriculture Vilsack visits the CDL   CDL Welcomes New Research Leader  
  Dr. Yue Jin awarded Siehl Prize for Excellence in Agriculture    

2012 BGRI Technical Workshop Summary
Presented by CDL scientist Matt Rouse


2012 BGRI Techincal Workshop
Videos, presentations and panel discussions


The Barberrry Connection
From 2012 BGRI Tech Workshop, panelists include CDL scientist Yue Jin


New wheat leaf rust races identified in 2011

Also see: 2011 wheat leaf rust survey results

    Cereal rust conditions in the U.S.
See timely bulletins, reports and maps.
    Rust race analysis videos
How-to cereal rust race analysis videos

Genome of Puccinia graminis sequenced
Obligate biotrophic features unraveled by genomic analysis

The published article

    Presentations from the 2011 American Rust Workers Meeting St. Paul, MN  

New races with Lr21 virulence detected
Lr21 virulence detected for first time in North America.

  Century-old mystery of Puccinia striiformis life history solved with the identification of Berberis as an alternate host      Fusarium update*
The Fusarium fungus shows surprising ingenuity to make plants sick

Ug99 Interview*
Les Szabo Interview on CBC's As It Happens (begins ~ 8 mins into show)


Ug99 - Feature article*  
Wired Magazine's feature article on Ug99 


A better understanding of a major threat to wheat
Genetic analysis of emerging strains of wheat rust


Report for the stem rust surveillance and management workshop held July 30-31, 2008


    Ug99 team receives USDA Honor Award 
CDL scientists honored at 61st Honor Awards ceremony 
Ug99 and emerging virulent stem rust race
An emerging virulent stem rust race and vulnerability of wheat in the U.S. and worldwide.
     Ug99 Workshop Summary
Summary of national workshop on new virulences in wheat and barley stem rust held March 5-6, 2008, in Baltimore, Maryland.
  U.S Senator visit
Minnesota's U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar visits the Cereal Disease Laboratory.
  Roelfs F2007
Retired research Plant Pathologist Alan Roelfs honored with release of bread wheat cultivar. 

Detection of fungal rust spores in rain  
Using molecular techniques to detect spores before crops become infected.

 What's new on the CDL website

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